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Vamo V5 Review

Want something that’s going to power your Aspire Nautilus the right way? While being a bit of an older model, the Vamo V5 mod is one of the best regulated mods on the market for vapers looking for a step up from eGo style vape pen mods.

With it’s stainless steel finish and wattage options you can’t go wrong picking this mod. Read on as we talk about the proper batteries for your Vamo V5 and the proper wattage to use for your favorite clearomizer.

Vamo V5 Specsvamo v5 mod

  • Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage
  • Maximum Amperage: 5A
  • Working Voltage: 3.0v~6.0V
  • Watts: 3W~15W
  • Threading: 510/eGo
  • LCD Display

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A Better Version

We’ve heard this one before, but what makes the Vamo V5 the best compared to the earlier versions? Well, The V5 uses the same body style as the Vamo V2, and a similar OLED screen as the Vamo V3. Combine the best features of both the V2 and V3, and you get the Vamo V5.

With the newest version, you get a removable top that makes switching eGo mods on and off a breeze. It comes in either black chrome or stainless. It’s use and performace gives it high regards in the vaping community, as it is a reasonably priced VV/VW APV. If you’re still not convinced, let’s dive into more specifics.

Vamo Controls

The device has a sleek look with a horizontal blue OLED screen.You use the buttoms to use the features like battery power and resistance.


  1. Press the large button 5 times to turn the unit on
  2. Press and hold down the button more than 3 seconds to display the battery voltage
  3. Press and hold down the + button more than 3 seconds to display the resistance
  4. The +/- buttons will change the voltage in 0.1v increments or the power in 0.5w increments depending on the output setting.
  5. Press and hold down the + and buttons at the same time to enter the Menu.  Once in the menu the top right or + button will advance through the menu and the top left or button will change that menu setting.

For a more in-depth look at the full instructions to operate your Vamo V5, we found a great video that also links a downloadable instructions manual in case you lost yours.

 High-Tech Protection

Most modern mods protect your battery against surges or overpowering. The Vamo V5 is one of these APV’s that will guard against ruining your device by controlling how much resistance and current your battery is receiving. Speaking of batteries, let’s take a look at the best 18350 and 18350 batteries for the V5 Vamo.

Compatible batteries

Just like any other mod devices, you want to look for best batteries for the Vamo V5, or you might be dissapointed. Certain batteries are just not created equally. Let’s take a look at the best battery for the Vamo V5:

efest 18350 battery

E-fest 18350 Battery

efest 18350 battery case

E-fest 18350 Battery Case

efest 18650 battery

E-fest 18650 Battery

The 18350 and 18650 batteries can be charged in 3 hours. Both the Efest 18350 and 18650 batteries claim 3.7 volts while the E-fest 18650 has a 1600 Mah rating, the E-fest 18350 battery only has 800 mah. This is why you buy two of the shorter batteries, so you will be able to produce the required power for your Vamo V5.

Using an 18350 or 18650 style battery ensures you the best quality power for your Vamo V5. They tend to produce the best production and proper power. Since the Vamo V5 is not a telescopic mod, you can screw an extension tube onto the device and switch to a smaller battery.

Best Charger for your 18650 Batteries

nitecore chargerThe Nitecore DigiCharger D4 is the best charger on the market to recharge your batteries. It’s LED screen displays your charging percentage, voltage percentage as well as the current time and the estimated time of complete charge.

This is a definite buy if you own batteries for your mods. And as many experienced vapers will tell you, a quality charger is a quality investment!

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Vamo V5 Threading Type (and Threading Issues)

The Vamo V5 sports an eGo threaded connection as well as a recessed 510 connection. This is the biggest complaint of the connection problem with the Vamo V5. You have to be more careful connecting a 510 device to your Vamo V5, it’s just an issue the Vamo line has been riddled with from the beginning. The connection tends to become loose if you don’t properly secure it. There is a fix however.

airflow controllerYou can buy a separate piece to fix the only common issue with the Vamo V5. It’s called a Tank Airflow Controller. You can connect this piece to your battery before attaching your clearomizer tank (or other atomizer tanks). This gives you an airflow option that can increase the resistance your draws have.

It’s actually one of the big reasons vapers tend to choose the newer box mods. With small, powerful, quality box mods like the Eleaf iStick 20Watt and the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0, it’s hard to go with a 15 Watt mod with threading issues.

This is a fix to use when you have a particularly light draw on your vaporizer. Unfortunately even great mods like the Vamo V5 are susceptible to certain flaws. The great thing is the part is only a few dollars, and it’s worth buying for the Vamo V5  because it is really that much better than some other cheaper mod options.

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Best Deal on Vamo V5 Kit

Vamo V5 kitIf you’re convinced that this is the mod for you, than look no further as well tell you the best bang for your buck. Vista Vapors gives you the most for your money. You get the following with the Vamo V5 Kit:

1 – Vamo V5 (Variable Voltage)
2 – 900mah Batteries
1 – Wall Charger
2 – Clearomizers



You get the starting batteries that include a wall charger, as well as two different clearomizers (eGo threaded) that get you started with a wide range of resistance (from 1.5 to 5.0 ohms). Now of course these are the chosen clearomizers for your device, but if you want to see the power your Vamo was bought for, you should try either the Aspire Nautilus or Aerotank Mega. You will truly get the best experience with the better quality clearomizers.

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Best Clearomizers for the Vamo V5

Aspire's new Nautilus Clearomizer The Aspire Nautilus is one of the supreme clearomizers in the industry, giving you plenty of juice room with it’s 5.0 capacity and dual bottom coil design, check out our full Aspire Nautilus review and why the airflow system on the Nautilus beats the competition.

aerotank mega reviewThe Aerotank Mega is the one of the newest clearomizers in the Kangertech’s arsenal to give a response to the Nautilus. It’s newly designed airflow design and a 3.8 tank capacity, check our our full Aerotank Mega review and see why you need to give the Mega a vape!


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Final Thoughts

The Vamo V5 is one of the best variable voltage and variable wattage devices on the market. With the airflow controller added on, you can be rest assured you can attach any clearomizer you own without any connection or leaking issues. It’s stainless finish is something that is going to hold up wear and tear and be your new favorite. To check out the best box mods, visit our best vape mod chart!

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If you own or have used a Vamo v5 before, please share your experiences in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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