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Vape Craft E Juice Review | Best E Juice 2016

The world of vapor juice is expanding rapidly.

A wide range of flavors are available today and the consumers get lots of opportunities to experiment with different flavors. Today, people are more conscious about their health.

This is the major reason for giving up cigarettes and nicotine. At first, they experiment with all flavors, then, they select their favorite flavor among them.

Vape Craft E Juice is such a brand, which is selected by millions of people around the world as their favorite brand. This is the social savvy e liquid brand of consumers.

Vape Craft E Juice is the best brand if vaping is your new addiction.

Vape Craft Inc. introduces two lines of e juice, Alternate Cig and Anonymous. The first one is very simple, but the second one is a series of complex flavors.

Once you select a product and go for further checkouts, you need to select the bottle size, base mixture and nicotine level.

Around 12 varieties of Anonymous e juices are available in the market. They come with zero nicotine level and up to 18 mg of nicotine. You can also select a max-vegetable glycerin (VG) or a 50/50 blend.

Vape Craft’s Way of Making E Juices

Vape Craft follows very strict standards while making e liquids. The company uses only food-grade kosher VG (vegetable glycerin) for making its e liquids.

The products also come with United States Pharmacy (USP) grade. The propylene glycol of the company is also USP-grade. So, the customers can fully rely on the e liquids of Vape Craft Inc.

Vape Craft uses natural and artificial flavors for manufacturing e liquids. The company provides a profile of additional ingredients/contents for every flavor they carry.

Though some lists are longer than others, this is helpful for getting a complete knowledge regarding the business of Vape Craft and what you are inhaling

Best Quality, At Affordable Price!

Vape Craft offers the best quality products at an affordable price, which is one of the most important specialties of e liquids of this company.

The brands of this company are popularly known as the budget brand. When you purchase a bottle Anonymous in plastic, you need to pay only $1 more for glass. When you purchase 120ml bottle, you need to pay only $15 or $ 17 more.

In Alternate Cig E Juice brand, the company sells 27 flavors, all of them in 120 ml bottles. These bottles are made from glass or plastic, which costs $17.95 or $15.95.

This is extremely a very low price for an American-made eliquid. You can select the level of nicotine from 0 to 18 mg.

Then, the blend of VG and PG (prolylene glycol) can be selected. It provides you an opportunity to trickle Vape Craft e liquid into any type of tank, which include inexpensive single coil clearomizers, basic e cig cartridges, and vertical double coil sub-ohm tanks.

Most e liquid manufacturing companies use two dangerous ingredients, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin for the production of e liquids.

These two ingredients are the substitute ingredients, which come on the scene after the deadly effects of Diacetyl. Various researches suggest that Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin convert to Diacetyle.

Even if they do not convert to Diacetyl, they are considered as potentially harmful as Diacetyl. The chemical composition of these two ingredients is very similar to Diacel and they can cause lung irritation and other health problems.

The E Juices of Vape Craft Inc are free from both these ingredients. Vape Craft strictly avoid potentially harmful chemicals from its formula.

Flavors at Vape Craft

You can enjoy the e liquid in the best possible way only when you select the best flavor as per your taste and preference.

You must also find the right nicotine level, which satisfies your cravings. Thousands of different flavors are available in the market.

Though, purchasing the best e liquid flavor is very easy if you narrow down your selection process only to the highest quality vendors. Vape Craft is one of the best quality e liquid manufacturers in the United States.

Nicotine liquid can be flavored to suit any mood or taste. Unlimited flavor combinations and different nicotine levels are also available today. If you are a heavy smoker, you can select a higher nicotine level. Light smokers can select lower strength e liquids.

In order to help consumers to find their most favorite flavor, Vape Craft introduces 10 ml sample bottle or a sample bottle.

These are helpful for finding your best flavor. If you try these sample bottles at first, you can find your favorite flavor.

This is also helpful for avoiding a big purchase. If you purchase a 120ml bottle, you can use it for one month. Some people like to vape the same flavor every day.

If you fall under such category, let Vape Craft be your wholesale provider. You can use the products of this company to blend even more complicated flavors. You can also share or sell the new flavors.

Vape Craft: Provides only The Best E Juices

Vape Craft provides only 100 percent American made e juice products to the consumers. The company never adopt outsource manufacturing service because they aim to give the best quality products to its consumers.

Vape Craft has full control in the process of manufacturing of e liquids. The company also takes months to produce a perfect vape juice. Then, they craft if for impressing the most veteran connoisseurs of vaping.

Milk of the Gods (Vapors Anonymous line), Mama’s Muffins, Candy Watermelon, Churros, Nectar Custard, etc are some of the popular brands of Vape Craft Inc.

Vape Craft uses top-shelf ingredients, expensive flavors, Kosher VG and pure nicotine for the manufacturing of the e liquids of the company. Though they use expensive and high quality ingredients, their products are available at affordable prices.

The ultimate goal of Vape Craft is to provide the best quality e liquids to the consumers.

The company is creating vibes in the market by providing the best products at affordable price.

Besides promoting a healthy smoking habit, Vape Craft also promotes a healthy lifestyle too. So, Vape Craft Inc really infuses passion, culture and inspiration into its delicious e liquids.

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