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Vapelux | Aspire Atlantis 2 Review

E cigs are built with customisable components, from the battery, atomizer, tube, e-juice, the body’s material, and the most essential part?

The tank. Without it, your Vape tank produces no vapor.

With the right one, you can adjust settings to make your vaping experience most comfortable and provide you with sheer pleasure.

This Aspire Atlantis 2 Review presents you with the latest sub ohm vape from Atlantis tanks released in 2015 that continues to grow in popularity and tagged as a favorite accessory by more and more vapors.

Where’s the Best Place to Get the Atlantis V2?

For a more enjoyable experience of your new Aspire Atlantis 2, get it from VapeLux where vaping products are at its finest.

Acquire any state-of-the-art vaping accessory at the best price, and receive your product in stylish packaging.

They make use of the safest ingredients that produce harmless and odorless vapor from a high-quality tank, fit for use wherever you want to vape.

If in any case you’re not satisfied, you have assurance with a 30-day window on returns, along with the backup of excellent customer service.

Create a memorable truth in this Aspire Atlantis 2 Review, for you deserve nothing short of perfect!

Experienced e cig enthusiasts, look no further with everything you need within reach at VapeLux.

Choosing The Ideal Vape Tank

Some people could be wondering, why fill your tank, when you can always opt for disposable models or a pre-filled cartomizer that’d be as easy as pulling the tank out and switching cartridges?

True, but you won’t be able to try the huge variety of flavors nor get the best value for your money, nor have a personalized vaping experience unless you embark on the exciting venture of filling out your own tank.

However, it has to be the perfect tank that meets your needs.

One with an ohm value that will get hot enough to yield vapor at the right temperature, and at the same time does not kill the battery in a few minutes only to cut short a supposedly perfect vape.

A large tank that allows you to get a lot more out of each vaping session without the need to frequently refill.

Exactly what the Aspire brought to the vaping world, possessing all these features designed to satisfy every vapor’s whim.

Aspire Atlantis 2 Tank

All the updates cited in this Aspire Atlantis 2 review are remarkable, such that novice vapors can tell the difference right away.

Imagine how delightful this is to vapors who have long been waiting for this vaping bliss!

The V2 has a very small 22mm diameter, but big in durability and longevity.

It would easily come apart to your convenience and effortless handling, yet exhibits sturdiness in its overall build and make.

The metal and glass tube are built to last and are crack proof, with the e cig tank drip tip arriving in stainless steel construction and high-quality pyrex glass tube that’s replaceable.

The Aspire Atlantis 2 is a sub-ohm tank perfect for everyday vaping with every hit made extremely satisfying and each session made longer by the subtank capacity of 3ml.

The interchangeable coils are suitable for these settings:

  1. 0.3 ohm coil : 70-80 watt range
  2. 0.5 ohm coil : 20-30 watt range
  3. 1 ohm coil : 40-50 watt range

The 1 – ohm coil is great for those who want to vape an e cig just like a real cigarette, and those starting out who may have never used one before.

It is pertained to as the mouth to lung inhalation device for bringing vapor in your mouth, then heading straight to the lungs.

The 0.5 – ohm coil is great for vapors who like huge cloud vapor which takes vapor directly to your lungs.

The 0.3 ohm elicits more versatility for cloud-chasers and mouth-to-lung vapors alike for being able to handle much higher settings.

This makes the Aspire Atlantis 2 ideal for all vapors, from one who’s looking for a subdued vape to those who want nothing less of huge clouds that come with intense flavors, to the most discerning type who tend to be quickly dissatisfied with a dry hit for it would be very rare with the Atlantis V2.

The only downside is probably not having a replacement glass tank included in the box, and you might just find yourself unable to resist getting one once you’ve experienced the Atlantis 2.

Take note as well that the lower coil resistance mostly exhibited by sub-ohm style tanks limits the use of e-juice to a maximum of 0.6mg nicotine strength, for anything above can be too harsh.

Aspire vs Aspire Atlantis 2

The Aspire exhibited quite a competitive edge as one of the best sub ohm tanks.

Sub Ohm Tanks, being completely transparent, lets you see how much vape juice is left in your vape tank.

This way, your vape won’t be ruined by an awful burning smell due to continued vape once liquid has unknowingly run out.

There have been room for improvements, but was still unmatched as a tank with impeccable quality that never fails to bring out the best of e-liquid flavors.

That is, until the Aspire Atlantis 2. The company displays how it has the best interest of customers in mind by listening to suggestions and being open to feedback.

The result? A bigger and better , more beautiful Aspire incorporated with a myriad of substantial enhancements built into the Atlantis V2:

  • Old ceramic coils replaced by 100% USA organically grown cotton coils – This kind of wicking material translates to incredible flavors across all the resistances.
  • Addition of 2 coil types – The 0.3 ohm coil and 1 ohm coil are added on top of the pre-installed 0.5 ohm coil. With multiple coils, you receive more vapour coupled with a stronger throat hit and cooler vapor with heat spread out within the tank’s interior .
  • Bigger tank – The increased capacity from 2 to 3 ml makes a huge difference. The longer vaping, undoubtedly the happier you will be.
  • Improved airflow – The Aspire 2 is built with redesigned dual adjustable airflow slots and there’s also the added unique wide bore drip tip that aids in cooling vapor amidst higher wattage’s. The huge airflow is capable of pumping out similarly huge volumes of vapor when put on high-powered settings.
  • Increased flow of e-liquid, better flavor, and high-end vapor production – The tank utilizes the patented Aspire Bottom Vertical Coil technology, which is regarded as one of the best kinds of atomizers. They receive a larger and more consistent flow of juice that produces bigger vapor production and unleashes optimal flavors.

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