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Vaper Empire Vibe Series Review | Australia’s Best E-Cig


Vibe Vape Review

Vaper Empire has introduced  the Vibe Series currently listed as Australia’s best vape for e-liquids.

The incredible combination of all-around performance and balance in this beautiful device will surprise you when you will take it out or its box.

The vape box of Vibe series is really impressive not only for the beginners but also for experienced vapers due to its ideal pre-set specifications and ease of use.

Vaper Empire Vibe series review provided here under will help you to know this device more closely.

This Vibe series device includes a perfect blend of extremely generous results and unsophisticated usage.

The balance of specifications and beauty of this device will equally impress vapers of all levels including experienced as well as first-timers.

Features of the Vibe Series

Some of the outstanding features of the Vaper Empire Vibe series device include:

• A graceful balance of performance and power

• Designed for the perfect delivery of vape without any fuss

• The largest battery of 2000mAh in the full range of Vaper Empire

• It huge 4.5ml clear atomizer tank includes coils that can be replaced

• Its sturdy and stylish casing can bear a considerable amount of wear and tear

Starter Kits and Accessories of Vaper Empire Vibe Series

Everything required for using your Vibe series device, and for continuing your vaping with this device, can be bought from Vaper Empire as they stock all such things for their customers.

All the vaping kits introduced by this brand include all the components including clearomizer tank, battery units, and cable for charging along with the main device.

Similarly, their starter kits of Deluxe quality include vape juice of Artisan collection, 3 e-liquids of Classic Collection, an elegant carry case made of PU leather and a wall adapter with USB connect.

Whenever you want to add more accessories to your stock like replacement vape tanks, coils, USB adapters, PU leather pouch or charger cables then you can get them on the online store of Vaper Empire.

You can also choose from more than 30 unique flavors from the collection of their e juices. You are free to experience a wide range of their flavors and enjoy vaping.

Ways to use your Vibe series device

Though it seems easier to use Vibe series device just after taking it out of the box but to enjoy different flavors of Vaper Empire in the daily routine you will have to activate its power button to start enjoying vaping.

To use this device for a long time,  you will have to follow the instructions provided here.

After receiving your Vibe series device you will have to fill its clearomizer tank with the e liquid of your choice and ensure to off the child-lock by pushing a button before starting to vape.

All the e juice from Classic Collection and Artisan Collection are compatible with Vibe series device as they provide a wide range of flavors for you to enjoy.

While filing the tank you should hold it at 45 degrees after removing its cap.

After filling the tank up to nearly capacity, you should replace its cap and start vaping. Its coils can ideally be replaced on an average after 4 weeks.


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