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Vaping FDA Regulations Updates for 2016

There will be significant legal changes in the vaping world that will affect how most people vape.

According to smoking England 2014, electronic cigarettes have helped approximately 20, 000 people quit smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

These people would have otherwise never been able to kick the otherwise harmful habit.

Most scientists agree that vaping products do not contain any dangerous substances that could harm the body.

However, for the longest time, it has been argued that vaping still needs to be regulated to prevent nicotine addition to the younger generations amongst many other advantages. 

Electronic cigarettes have now been classified under the umbrella of tobacco products and medical products with mandatory licensing.

If you are a vaper or know someone who is, it is good to know what laws and regulations have been put into effect in the year 2016 and how these laws will affect vaping in general.

The new rules require everyone (from manufactures to distributors to vapors) to abide to the following laws:

10ml is the new maximum size of refill containers and e- liquid bottles

This new maximum size rule may be expensive to consumers as in the past they would buy larger quantities for less.

No longer being able to buy in bulk could mean a price increase.

The maximum size rule was put in place in order to keep vapes safe by reducing the possibility of heavy poisoning in case the bottle was not manufactured in accordance to the safety regulations or did not use the right ingredients.

Interpreters however perceive that these laws only pertain to selling to consumers in the UK and EU and so manufacturers may produce larger quantities to export to other parts of the world.

Cartridges must not exceed 2 ml

The reduction of cartridges will reduce the size of the tanks that have been used by vapors to date.

This is yet another rule that will affect how vapors vape and the amounts they use.

However it is still possible to get bigger cartridges imported from other countries and to other countries by manufacturers from the UK. The internet is thought to make this easier.

Reduced strength of nicotine

Previously, the maximum nicotine level in the e liquids was 24 mg the new laws however, have changed this to only 20mg the motivation towards this law was to prevent nicotine poisoning among vapers.

This may be a problem to tobacco smokers who may need a higher dose of nicotine at first before they reduce it to smaller levels.

There is no problem with this rule as dripping and large tanks have been the trend with most vapers thus allowing them to significantly reduce their nicotine levels with 3 mg being the average.

A consistent does of nicotine must be provided by the electronic cigarettes

This is a very unworkable law given that a vaper will put in a small dosage of nicotine in their electronic cigarettes but they will continue vaping for as long as they want.

It is therefore not possible to expect that an electronic mod, tank or cigarette will provide a consistent dose of the nicotine.

The tolerance levels of an individual are what may be used to see how possible it is to apply this rule to vaping products.

Mechanisms must be put in place in electronic cigarettes and refill containers to ensure leak free refilling

This law basically boils down to how the electronic cigarettes and mods are used and manufactured.

The use of starter kits that are of poor quality and outdate is what motivated the implementation of this law.

However, as long as manufacturers use high quality products in creating the mods and other products, this rule should be easy to implement.

This is a law that also boils down to the user and how they choose to use their products.

Product prohibition

This law states that is a competent authority believes that a product may pose as a health risk, they have the right to prohibit it.

This means that if three member states in the EU agree that a particular brand poses health risks and bans it this ban, will be applied even to other countries in the EU.

This is a very skeptical law because there may not necessarily be evidence that the product actually poses and risk to the health of any individuals that use it.

Just the thought that it may be harmful could cost a company a lot of money and business losses.


Surveys and statistics have shown that children as young as 8th graders think that smoking is “cool” again because of the vaping products, the flavors and the cool devices.

This has been a challenge as many anti- vapers believe that it may create a new generation of young children and young adults who are addicted to nicotine.

This fact that children are now favoring smoking has motivated the creation of this law. Under the new regulations, every e- cigarette manufactured and its packaging must be “childproof”.

This law does not exactly state how this will be done, just that it has to be done.

Increased government scrutiny

All UK manufacturers and retailers are required to notify and submit information to their member state about all the products they are selling and manufacturing.

The information that they are required to submit includes but is not limited to the list of ingredients used, toxicology dates, nicotine doses used, refilling and opening mechanisms, emissions data, absorption data and any other technical information relating to the product.

Retailers will also have to submit information about user preferences, product types and all the data on sales volumes.

Because of the intense information that will be provided on each product and the costs of presenting such information, it is highly likely that the number of flavors on e- liquids will reduce significantly.

The increased cost of such information submission is likely to increase the costs of mods, electronic cigarettes, tanks and the e- liquids themselves. On the upper side, consumers may be looking forward to the increase in manufacture of excellently made products.

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