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Vapor Boost Vendor Review | Vape Juice Vendor

Vapor Boost is a unique vendor of e liquids. The company boasts that they were built on a firm foundation of five different values.

These vaping values will be explored a little later so that you can understand them in detail.

Vapor Boost is a company that is different because it is primarily based out of the US with few items or products coming from out of the country.

It is a great retailer for you to use when you need your own e liquids.

What’s New – Vapor Boost Vendor

Vapor Boost is a company that is very different from most e liquid distributors.

This store offers you a wide range of products to shop from and offers you a completely unique experience with your e-liquids.

There are actually twenty six different flavors that are available to you with the standard eliquids from Vapor Boost. They are:

1. 555 Tobacco and Nuts
2. Bahama Breeze
3. Banana Nut
4. Berry Lyptus
5. Brazilian Mojito
6. Cappuccino Caribeno
7. Chocolate and Mint
8. Clementine
9. Green Apple
10. Guavalicious
11. Havana Libre
12. Juicy Grape
13. Lemon Lime
14. Paradise Coffee
15. Peach Nectar
16. Peppermint Delight
17. RY 4 Deluxe
18. Strawberry Banana
19. Strawberry Gelato
20. Strawberry Kiwi
21. Strawberry Silk
22. Tobacco Lights
23. Tobacco Menthol
24. Ultimate Vanilla
25. V-Frost
26. Watermelon Chill

While these flavors are all pretty similar to the flavors that are offered by other e-liquid brands, it would seem that there was nothing really special.

There are a few additional e-liquid flavors that are available for you as well.

These include the following:

1. Stamina – Energy Blend (This e-liquid claims that you are going to have a boost of energy and when I tried it, I definitely had my own boost of energy that was unexpected so I would claim that it works. The flavor of this e-liquid is zesty orange and ripe mango. It combines caffeine and taurine to get your energy going. It can help to improve your mental clarity, boost concentration, help you to focus, help you avoid being tired, and giving you all of the energy that you need to fight fatigue.)

2. Zen – Bliss Blend (This e-liquid claims that you can become relaxed and reduce the stress from your life. I was shocked at how well this e-liquid helped me to reduce my own stress and relax after long days and nights spent working and chasing my children. This e-liquid tastes like passion flower, guava, peach, and lychee. It will help you to relax, have improved moods, lower stress levels, and even less fatigue.)

3. Sweet Dreams – Sleep Blend (This e-liquid is going to help you to be able to sleep better. This is a great choice for you if you have struggled with sleeping issues. This delicious blend offers you passion flower, earl grey, and Chai tea. You will be able to sleep better, have healthier sleep patterns, reducing anxiety, and even reducing muscle spasms so you can get the best possible sleep.)

Vapor Boost also has a nice line of naturals which offer you four delicious natural flavors to choose from.

1. Clementine – This delicious e-liquid combines both the flavor of natural orange and natural tangerine to create a delicious combination of fresh citrus.

2. Lemon Lime –This flavor offers you the delicious combination of fresh natural lemon and natural lime for a clean citrus flavor that is unlike any other.

3. Pink Lemonade – Pink Lemonade offers you the delicious flavor of lemon paired with the bright and clean twist that is a favorite of this preferred drink.

4. Wild Blueberry – Wild Blueberry offers you the chance to have a delicious natural blueberry flavor masked by creamy undertones.

In addition to all of these options there are additional choices that I have never seen before with a e-liquid vendor.

In my Vapor Boost Vendor Review I have to talk to you about the different boosters that are available.

There are five ways that you can boost your vaping experience.

1. Bliss Booster – The Bliss Booster is a very special choice for you to be able to relax your mind and body with special elements that will make you feel good. This blend contains L-theanine, passionflower, and other ingredients that are supposed to make you feel good. It will help you to reduce stress in your life, increase the vapor production of your e-liquid, enhance the flavor, promote relaxation, and improve the pH of the e-liquid.

2. Energy Booster – Energy Booster can be added with any e-liquid to give you that special kick start and extra boost of energy that you need. It is going to offer you a special blend that is really going to electrify your mind and body. The blend contains amino acids, caffeine, guarana, and taurine. This is going to help you by reducing fatigue, making you feel energized, erasing your level of tiredness, improving the pH of your e-liquid, improving concentration, improving focus, and enhancing the flavor of the e-liquids.

3. Flavor Booster – Flavor Booster is a completely unique product. There are no other products like this available today. This booster offers you the chance to improve the flavor of any e-liquids with rich and creamy undertones that pair perfectly with delicate layers of flavor. You will notice that the flavor of any e-liquid is greatly increased, that you have more vapor production with bigger clouds, that your e-liquid has a neutral pH, that any e-liquid can have a full bodied flavor that is luxurious, and even that it can make bad e-liquids taste good.

4. Menthol Booster – You can make any e-liquid flavor turn into a menthol delight with this booster. It will help you to have an icy thrill with your vaping experience regardless of what flavor of e-liquid that you are using. It will offer you that special frosty flavor profile. Of course you should know that with this booster you can add one drop and have added freshness, two drops and have a chilled flavor, three drops and it is going to get cold, and finally four drops and it will be a frosty delight.

5. Sleep Booster – When you use the Sleep Booster you are going to get a nice full night’s sleep that is going to leave you refreshed and ready to face your next day. This includes L-theanine, passionflower, and melatonin in a blend that is harmonious and will offer you the sleep that you need. The Sleep Booster works to help reduce muscle cramping, anxiety, nervousness, and also to promote restful sleep and healthy sleep patterns. This is the perfect choice for you if you are struggling to get a nice night’s sleep.

Best of all these boosters offer you the chance to use your favorite e liquids still while improving the overall quality of the vaping experience and making it more personal.

You just add four drops of these to your tank when you are adding in your e liquid.

This is going to give you all of the benefits.

One thing that you might realize when you first see the e-liquids is that they come to you in a dark brown bottle.

This might seem odd at first but there is a reason for this. Basically when the e-liquids are in a darker bottle they are going to preserve the natural taste and they will also have less exposure to light which can effect the flavor quality of the e-liquid.

I really appreciate this and the fact that you can vape happily when you are using these.

All of the e-liquids are also tobacco free. They might have a tobacco flavor but there is no real tobacco in any of these.

They are also very safe. In fact there are many different types of things that will help you to ensure that you are safe.

All of the bottles have a child proof cap. This is going to keep your e-liquids from accidentally getting into the wrong hands.

It also has a tamper evident seal that is going to help you to be assured that you have the highest possible quality products when they arrive.

Plus all of the products are tested on a regular basis to ensure that you have the best in your possession at all times.

This is all very impressive and leads to the fact that I believe that these are the highest quality choices of products.

Final Thoughts — Reasons to Love Vapor Boost

All of the e-liquids that are sold by Vapor Boost share some amazing qualities that you are going to want to know more about.

In fact these are all things that I feel like offer you a chance to love these delicious e-juices just a little bit more.

Each one of their e-juices are made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients. This keeps these e-liquids safe and makes them a great choice for you.

One of the reasons that you will taste such a difference with these e-liquids is how they are created.

A team of culinary experts and biochemists have created these intensely flavored e-liquids to be different and to stand above the rest.

Another thing that is nice is that you have USP Grade ingredients in these e liquids.

The ingredients that are used are sourced from the highest possible quality sources. Ingredients come from trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry.

This will ensure that you are only getting the highest quality products that have purity that can not be matched by other brands.

These e liquids are not fresh like other e-liquids. In fact they are steeped before they are sent to you. This means that you do not have to wait before you can start vaping.

The e-liquids are also diacetyl free. This is something for you to remember as it is really important that you are not choosing e-liquids that contain diacetyl.

In fact diacetyl is a natural chemical that is found in a wide variety of foods. It can actually lead to lung disease when inhaled in large concentrations, so you want to make sure that you are not inhaling it.

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