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Vapor Flask V3 40W Review

The Vapor Flask V3 is a 40 watt variable wattage APV by Kangxin.

Vapor Flask V3 40W (1)It features the KX-40D temperature controlled chip, which is manufactured by Bluesmoke, also known as Shenzhen Kangxin Technology.

In this Vapor Flask V3 40 review, we’ll look at all of the awesome features of this APV.

  • Mod Type: Variable Wattage
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Compatible Batteries: Dual 18650 (can work with a single 18650)
  • Material: Aluminum
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  • Brand: Shenzhen Kangxin Technology
  • Type: variable wattage APV with temperature protection
  • Material: Anodized aluminum and copper plated brass
  • Connection threading: 510 (adjustable brass pin)
  • Battery compatibility: Dual 18650 (can work with a single 18650)
  • Diameter: 22mm (at 510 connection)
  • Height: 90mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Weight: 176.2 grams

Features of the Vapor Flask V3 Style 40W Variable Wattage APV Box Mod

  • 0.75 inch screen display voltage, battery level, resistant, wattage
  • Variable wattage: Can be adjustable from 1.0W to 40.0W
  • Temperature control from 200°F ~ 600°F
  • Check atomizer
  • Low battery warning (below 4V)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection of battery opposite connection
  • Overheat protection Voltage: 1 – 9.9V
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.16 – 2.0ohm
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (not included)
  • 8 battery vent holes on the bottom caps
  • 510 threading connection
  • Brass center pin and adjustable with temperature control function
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What’s in the Box

  • (1) Vapor Flask V3 40W Variable Wattage APV Box Mod

Voltage and Watts

The voltage of the Vapor Flask V3 40W is 1 – 9.9V with a variable wattage that can be adjustable from 1.0W to 40.0W. It has an atomizer resistance of 0.16 – 2.0ohm.


The threading on the Vapor Flask V3 40W is no surprise. It’s a 510 threaded connection with a copper plated brass center pin and adjustable with temperature control function.

Battery Power

The Vapor Flask V3 is powered by two 18650 batteries, which are not included but it can also work with a single 18650, which is convenient.

The Vapor Flask V3 40 Watt Mod does not have a USB port for charging but it is much faster to swap out your batteries than it is to spend hours charging the two 18650 batteries.

How to use the Vapor Flask V3 40W APV

  • Fire Lock: Click the fire button five times
  • Stealth Mode: From the locked position, hold the fire button and wattage down button simultaneously
  • Left/Right Mod: From the locked position, hold the fire button and wattage up button simultaneously
  • To adjust temperature settings: From the locked position, hold the wattage up and down buttons simultaneously to access the temperature setting. Then use the up and down buttons to adjust to the desired setting.

Vapor Flask V3 40W (2)Temperature control can also be turned off from by scrolling up past 600F to OFF.

The chip in the Vapor Flask V3 mod will fire both Ni200 and Kanthal builds and the KX-40D will ask you, “new coil up/same down” when you change or install a new atomizer.

You simply press the up button if it is a new coil or the down for the same one.

Safety Features

There are quite a few features on this APV which make it more safe to use. It has short circuit protection, overheating protection, and protection of battery opposite connection.

Like any mod of this type, you should know what you’re doing before attempting to use it.

This is not a device for those new to vaping or beginners and a working knowledge of electronics is helpful.

The temperature control starts working to keep the firing coil below the setting that is best, usually around 450 degrees depending on your build.

You will see the display screen flash the words, “temperature protected” and the chip will throttle back on the wattage and voltage output.

This works quite often when your coil is dry and even when vaping often or chain vaping.

This simply protects the device and doesn’t meant that there is anything wrong with it.

This works great at protecting you from the scorched or dry wick taste.

The Look and Feel of the Vapor Flask V3 40W Mod

Vapor Flask V3 40W (3)The Vapor Flask 40 watt mod comes in a few different colors: black, red, silver, and light blue.

It has a very slick look and feel, but the only drawback is that the grip is a tad slippery.

This isn’t a deal-breaker by a long shot but it does mean that you might want to be more careful when handling it.

Since it is made out of aluminum, it should be quite sturdy though.

The anodized finish does give it a little bit of texture so that helps.

It has a nice, hefty weight to it so that it feels sturdy in your hands but it’s not too heavy to be uncomfortable.

The threaded area looks cleanly built and the buttons have a tactile feel to them rather then being more of a clicker style.

There is one issue with the air flow channels. This does not affect the functionality of the device but it does look just a little “off.”

Between the 510 connection and the top plate, the air flow channels are out of alignment.

However, you will find spacious battery slots that are very well built and do not have an ounce of anodized coating.

Like with the air flow channels, the battery slots do have a difference in depth with the coin slots not lining up evenly by about 1.5mm.

Again, not a big issue but a minor flaw in construction.

Best Deal on the Vapor Flask V3 Mod

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Similar Mods

There are a few similar mods out there such as the HotCig ZERO Modz Style 50W Variable Voltage APV Box Mod, the Genuine HCigar HB40 DNA40 40W Variable Wattage APV Box Mod, Genuine PIONEER4YOU IPV4 100W Variable Wattage Box Mod, the Smowell DPV-50 Variable Wattage 6 – 50W Mini Box Mod, and the Genuine Chiamey VTM 30W Variable Wattage Box Mod.

Builds to Use

There are a couple of builds you may like to use with the Vapor Flask.

The Kanthal and Ni200 builds work well.

The specs on this device are: Atomizer Resistance, Temperature Sensing Wire Cold: Minimum 0.10 ohm, Typical 0.4 ohm, and Maximum 1.0 ohm Temperature Limit: Minimum 200 F, Typical 450 F, and Maximum 600 F.

One thing to remember: Never use Ni200 wire in regular VW mode, and never use kanthal in temperature sensing mode.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a nice device that has a lot going for it.

It has plenty of safety features to protect you and the device and the aesthetics are quite good.

There are a couple of aesthetic flaws but nothing major that affects the total package.

You get a good choice of color options and it is a slick looking mod that feels nice in your hand.

Vapor Flask V3 40W is here and at the lowest price!

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