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Vaporesso Target Pro VTC 75W Starter Kit | Vape Kit

Vaporesso Target 75 VTC ReviewThe new Vaporesso Target 75 VTC is a mechanical vape mod that features a completely unique look including a sub-ohm ceramic tank that Vaporesso calls “a real game changer”, and an overall design inspired by vintage gaming joysticks.

Vaporesso is owned by Smoore Technology, a Shenzen-based OEM/ODM company with a workforce of over 3,000 and over ten years working with large names in the tobacco and e-cigarette markets.

The Vaporesso brand is designed for the advanced Western market user, and the Target Pro stands out with a unique aesthetic design and incredible atomizer coils that go with the Pro Tank to make for a durable, powerful, and efficient vaping setup.

Vaporesso Target Pro 75W Mod Features

  1. Distinctive Joystick Design
  2. Gold-plated Contact Pin
  3. Rotatable OLED Screen
  4. Updatable Firmware
  5. Built-in Ohms Meter
  6. Variable Voltage and Wattage
  7. Battery Level Indicator
  8. Supports Titanium, Nickel, Kanthal, and Stainless Steel Coils
  9. Sensing Capability, Limiting, and Temperature Control
  10. Spring-Loaded, Self-Adjusting Contact Pin
  11. Magnetic Battery Door Cover
  12. Durable Construction
  13. Designed with Zinc-Aluminum Metal Alloy

Target Pro 75W Mod

Vaporesso Target Pro VTC 75W Starter Kit ReviewThe design is the first thing you will notice in the Target Pro 75W Mod.

It is reminiscent of joysticks used with video game controllers and as such, is very comfortable to hold in your hands.

A front-facing fire button that resembles a joystick trigger is used to fire, so that you will fire using your index finger as opposed to your thumb.

The VTC Mod comes with a hard casing, but the designers thought to include comfort coating on the back to help buffer your hand; and that’s just one of the many thoughtful fine details included in the device.

The body is made with high-quality Zinc aluminum alloy, and this combination of metals means that the device retains an exceptionally strong body with material that is noncorrosive, highly resistant to rust, and very lightweight.

For instance, the 510 thread connector is fabricated with stainless steel to be able to withstand the constant screwing and unscrewing of the tank.

The Target Pro 75W TC Mod comes with an external 18650 battery which is sold separately; and a removable battery affords the user select advantages not enjoyed with internal battery MODs.

Keep in mind the ability of a rechargeable battery to hold power lessens over time regardless of the make or brand, and in such cases the user would have to throw away the device and purchase another one.

However with the Target Pro 75W TC Mod, you can just replace the old battery instead of having to purchase a new device.

In addition, being able to swap out the batteries means that you can always carry charged spare batteries with you: this way, you will always have an operating device to use.

Vaporesso Target Pro 75W Mod specs:

  • Made by Vaporesso
  • Body Material: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy
  • Wattage Range: 5W – 75W
  • Temperature Range: 300F – 600F
  • Available Colors: White, Black, Stainless, Rose Gold, Purple
  • Length: 92mm (3.62 Inches)
  • Width: 48mm (1.89 Inches)
  • Depth: 27mm (1.06 Inches)

Vaporesso Target Pro Tank

Vaporesso Target Pro VTC 75W Starter Kit Review 2The tank was designed using 304-grade stainless steel, and it works seamlessly with the Target 75W Mod.

Backed by powerful ceramic atomizer coils, the Vaporesso Target Pro tank delivers strength, durability, and exceptional performance while remaining particularly light in weight.

The Sub-Ohm contact pin is also made with 304-grade stainless steel, but Vaporesso takes it further by plating the contact pin with 24k gold, to facilitate higher electrical conductivity.

A common annoyance experienced with many tanks is their tendency to leak.

Vaporesso addresses this problem by using enhanced seals and cutting-edge design, therefore solving the problem of e-juice being stuck in the airflow valve.

This along with the innovative top-fill system makes the Sub-Ohm tank incredibly easy to use.

While most tanks in the market can only be refilled by separating and unscrewing the unit from the device, the Target Pro Tank can be refilled from the top, making it much more convenient.

The Vaporesso Target Pro Cell Atomizer Coils do not come with wicks. Instead, the revolutionary coils are furnished with a 12-micron porous ceramic material that covers the entire coil.

A permeable ceramic substance in the device absorbs the e-juice inside the tank and then feeds it uniformly to the atomizer coil position inside it, which ultimately leads to an even distribution of the e-liquid throughout the entire coil.

What follows is a vaping experience like you haven’t had before, with massive vapor clouds and intense flavor.

As a complete unit, the Vaporesso Target 75W Pro VTC Full Kit offers everything you need for an ultra-quality vaping set up.

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