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VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick Review

Traditional hookahs have been a staple of theme parties, fun nights out and black-lit basements for thousands of years, but only recently have they gotten the electronic treatment. The latest option in electronic hookah devices is the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick, featuring a powerful 2200 mAh battery and four included mouthpieces in assorted colors to emphasize its purpose as a party animal.

The VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick is a bit different from most other personal vaporizers, measuring over a foot in length and intended for use with classic hookah flavors including shisha, chocolate cherry tobacco, or vanilla and lemon zest. Bringing the experience of the hookah bar home might sound like fun, but what exactly does this futuristic newcomer bring to the living room table? Read today’s review of the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick to find out.


  • Height: 14.37 in
  • Included Bottom Fill Tanks
  • Tank Capacity: 1.3 ml
  • Battery Type: 2200mAh 4.2 volts

What’s New- VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick

The VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick is a modern take on the timeless tradition of hookah, bringing specially crafted flavors to its dual internally mounted tanks. The device can be used while connected to the included wall charger, and the battery of the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick is built for cordless use as well. Another feature of the battery is the optional bubbling sound characteristic of the authentic hookah experience, and it can be turned off just in case you’re no fun at all.

Power Source

The 2200mAh battery of the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick is rated for at least 1.5 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and the 5V wall charger can bring it to full power in approximately 2 hours.


Simply put, the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick is as advertised. Powerful hits and massive clouds are the order of the day with this device, and the dual internal tanks do an excellent job of delivering rich, full flavors. No need for mixing with these tanks, VaporFi somehow arranged them so that even if the tanks contain two separate flavors, they will blend and balance nicely (provided you’re not vaping a blue cheese and Swedish Fish cocktail).

Speaking of flavors, the options with the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick are a nice change of pace from most standard e-liquids. Sure, you could load up your Cinnamon Toast Crunch juice or whatever into this, but then you’d be doing it injustice.

The original “Simply Shisha” is a very mellow blend of pipe tobacco and molasses flavors that is much more pleasant than the ashtray pancakes you might be picturing. Chocolate Cherry Tobacco was an equally enjoyable vape, and both flavors delivered serious vapor production and outstanding flavors. The bubbling sound is a great touch, and really adds to the whole experience. As a featured toy at a get-together, vaping hasn’t produced anything quite like the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick.

Build Quality

As for the quality of the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick, the unit feels durable and tightly constructed. The carbon fiber finish is more attractive in person, and the device overall is built very sturdily. The tanks are fairly well constructed as well, and appear at a glance as though they can be reused a few times if handled with reasonable care.

The weight of the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick could be taken as a positive or a negative. On the one hand, it’s not exactly going to slip into a shirt pocket, having the approximate heft of a moderately expensive flashlight, but this bulk does lend to the solid feeling plus it could possibly be used as a crude weapon in a pinch. We also liked the inclusion of a travel case, because it’s the type of device that needs a travel case.

We Would Have Liked to See…

While we can definitely see the VaporFi Hookah Stick as the life of more than a few parties, a couple of inherent drawbacks might limit its appeal for some users. For one, there’s no getting around its’ size, standing nearly a foot and a half tall when fully assembled, so unless you’re the center-of-attention type, you’re probably not going to tote this one to the bar solo. Another potential weakness lies with the relatively small tanks. At just 1.5mL each, this mighty device has the total capacity of a plastic variety store tank, and while the cartridges are certainly easy enough to fill, you’re probably going to be doing a lot of it at the parties this hookah stick is meant to attend.


Overall, it’s great to see hookahs finally make the leap to the new millennium with a mainstream option, so we have to show the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick some love. Hookahs are all about deep flavors, huge clouds and good times, so if that’s what you’re looking for with this unit, you’ll get plenty. The tank capacity could absolutely be more robust, the device is the size of a nightstick, and you probably don’t need it if you don’t have any friends in real life to use it with. That said, all we can ask of a product is to do what it says it does, and the bottom line is the VaporFi Boom Hookah Stick is a fun yet faithful upgrade to a hobby almost as old as history.

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