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VaporFi Coupon Codes 2015 – Save 12% on E Juice

VaporFi Coupon CodeCash in on a sweet VaporFi Coupon! VaporFi Coupon Codes offer an affordable vaping coupon for their excellent line of e liquid and brand hardware for any level of vaper looking for the best deals or the top coupons currently available.

With over 160+ flavors and tons of hardware to choose from, it’s easy to see why VaporFi is an industry leader.

Current Active Coupons

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What VaporFi is Bringing to the Table

VaporFi brings a huge range of products and services to the table; 160+ flavors of e juice, custom flavor blend options, a Blend of the Month subscription, and advanced hardware.

VaporFi offers there wide selection of e juice at a respectable $14.99 for a 30ml bottle.

As we talk about in out Top 10 E Juice Vendors Breakdown, VaporFi has some awesome options for mixing your own flavors, with a blending mix tool that enables thousands of possible combinations.

They also offer impressive hardware.

For more novice vapers, they offer starter kits like the VaporFi Rocket, and for more advanced users devices like the VOX 50 mod.

With everything VaporFi has to offer, it’s a no brainer we they are a go-to for many vapers and e cig users alike.

E Juice for Drippers & Cloud Chasers

VaporFi is iterating again, this time offering a product more in line with their advanced customers.

The VaporFi Artisan Collection of E Juice is crafted specifically for vapor production and flavor with RDAs/RBAs.


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