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VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit Review | Vaping Kit

VaporFi Pro 3VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit Review has finally hit the market. Pro3 has features that make the product convenient and easy-to-use.

This Pro3 starter kit is equipped with an excellent mouth to lung technology that replicates the authentic smoking experience.

It is thus superior to the other products with the standard vape technology.

The Vapor Pro3 Starter Kit has advanced features that provide an exhilarating vaping experience.

VaporFi Pro3 Starter Kit Features

  • 1 Pro3 tank (2.5 ml tank capacity)
  • 1 Pro 3 1000mAh battery
  • Additional Pro 3.2 ohm atomizer
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 4 Pack of O-rings
  • USB wall charger Adapter 100-240V input, output 5V
  • Instruction manual

Let’s take a closer look at the VaporFi Pro3 Starter Kit

Tank Breakdown

The tank of the VaporFi Pro3 is a top-mounting design.

This allows an easy mechanism for refilling.

It has a No spill coil swap system’ which makes the atomizer replacement simple.

A top-fill feature consumes less time in refilling and is also hassle free. The tank capacity is 2.5 ml.

This is a 510 threaded tank with a 2-ohm resistance atomizer and cross compatibility.


This vape has a 1000 mAh which is perfect for the size and capacity of the VaporFi Pro 3.

It charges very quickly using a USB port.

It can fit into any USB cable for charging.

It battery gives a consistent performance and a powerful amperage to operate the tank. The battery voltage is 3.5 volts.

Outside the Box

The VaporFi Pro3 comes in 8 different tank and battery colors, all of which can be color-coordinated with each other. So the user gets 64 color options in total.

The vape carries a very trendy look, in keeping with the changing fashion trends in the market.

So, you can coordinate the vape color as per your matching dress and accessories!

The body of the vape is sleek and made of 100% stainless steel.

The tank is made of Pyrex glass.

Available in colors:

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. Teal
  4. Silver
  5. Green
  6. Pink
  7. Purple
  8. Blue

Review of the VaporFi Pro3 Starter Kit

Design and Look

The VaporFi Pro3 has a super sleek and trendy body. It offers a combination of 8×8 colors.

The stainless steel body makes the vape durable and long-lasting. This design will be attractive to those who like to experiment with colors.

For those who like standard looks and colors, the black and silver shades are the better options.

The button of the vape is a single round button. It is manually operated and sits on the body conveniently.


The battery capacity of the vape is ideal for the device. When fully charged it gives optimum performance for a long time.

If used for the entire day, the second round of charging might be required in the evening.

The 1000mAh battery power is ideal for the size and capacity of the VaporFi Pro 3 kit.

Mouth to Lung Experience

This mouth to lung experience is great for starters as you will not inhale the vape directly into the lungs. But still, the sensation of an authentic drag will linger on with each inhalation.

VaporFi Pro 3 Tank

The Pro 3 is top mounting and therefore the refilling can be done from the top.

No more spillage by turning the tank over for refilling.

This is a simple and less time taking process than the previous devices of this series. A serious up gradation is incorporated here.


The Pro3 gives the feel of the traditional smoking experience, that too without the mess, smell, and other harmful effects associated with smoking.

Moreover monitoring the nicotine amount in your e-juice gives the user the option to reduce its quantity.

The Japanese organic Cotton and the holes the 2-ohm atomizer, gives maximum flavor and consistency.

These ensure that the user never experiences a dry hit or a burnt flavor.

The No spill Coil Swap System eases the user’s task of replacing the atomizer.

The VaporFi Pro3 is threaded for a 510 cross compatibility.

Therefore, the colorful clearomizer of this device can be interchanged and fixed into the batteries of other Pro3 devices.

The cloud generated and the flavor given out by this Pro3 vape is though not strong, it is ideal for beginners and mid-level vapers.

Apart from the colorful look, each tank is equipped with a removable drip tip, an additional customization to the user’s style.

Conclusion on the VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit

VaporFi Pro 3 Starter KitThe VaporFi Pro3 is a durable and attractive product.

It’s trendy and sleek look will catch the attention of the new vapors.

It features, power, capacity are all geared to give a high-level performance.

This segment does not cater to the veteran vapers as the cloud and flavor given out by the vape is not very powerful.

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