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VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit Review

The VaporFi Rocket is part of the trend to move to ego kits instead of the standard e-cigarettes. These small personal vaporizers offer you a longer battery life, more e-liquid storage, and more vapor production than what you get with your e-cig. Since there are now so many e-cig brands it is unclear as to the reason for this type of increase. However I would suspect that it is so that these better quality manufacturers can separate their brand above the rest. Whatever the reason behind the new lines of ego choices I am sure that you are going to be happy once you have considered your options, picked out one that you like, and given it a chance.

What’s New – VaporFi Rocket?

With this VaporFi Rocket review I want to explore this new version of e-cigarette with you so that you can better understand if the longer battery life and deeper hit are going to better meet your personal vaping needs. The VaporFi Rocket is just one of these new e-cigs that are available to you. One unique thing about this choice is that actually features a variable voltage operation. This allows you to have a lot more vapor when you are using the e-cigarette.

The VaporFi Rocket starter kit is very simple to use. This makes it perfect for beginners who want to start out with more than the basic e-cig. The tank design makes filling simple which is going to prevent the frustration that many users (even those who are more advanced) feel with the tanks that feature polyfill cartomizers. Another great thing about this choice is that it is durable and can handle the occasional drop or rough handling. If you are a parent this is something to take note of. I have dropped an e-cig or mod from time to time because of being distracted with my kids. This has not always worked out favorably, but so far with this one I am doing fine.

If you are looking for an advanced atomizer then the VaporFi Rocket might be fore you. The Rocket has a high capacity e-liquid tank, large battery, and variable voltage operation up to 4.8V. The only thing that you do not get with the kit is the e-liquid. You can start vaping immediately as long as you have picked up some e-liquid.

The battery is something to talk about because it is so much bigger than most eGo e-cigarettes. This battery actually has 1600 mAh which means that you are not going to have to worry about charging it other than overnight. Most eGo e-cigs have about 600 mAh and the more powerful models usually top out around 1100 mAh so you can see how this one is going to offer you quite a bit more battery life.

One additional thing that I also found impressive with the Rocket was that it came with six atomizer coils. This is not common in the vaping world. In fact in the past I have been excited when there were three included so I was pretty pumped to see that this model featured six. I do want to point out that the coil is one of the more expensive parts on the tank and the reason that they are often not included is that there is really no profit margin. I have had tanks and eGo e-cigs that cost more than this one and only included one coil. So it was almost shocking to see so many included in the kit. If you are not familiar with coils, you are going to be able to use a coil for one or two weeks and in some cases, up to one month. This means that you could potentially use the VaporFi Rocket for six months without having to replace any of the parts. Once you need to purchase the coils, you will like that they are available for less than $20 for a 5 pack.

This VaporFi eGo is also made from nicer materials than a lot. You will not find a cheap plastic tank with this kit. Instead you are going to find that it has a stainless steel shell which offers you the best possible flavor. With the stainless steel feature you are not going to have to worry about breaking the glass tank as much as you would otherwise. For those who have not used a plastic tank, there are many of these that seem to cause there to be a flavor that can only be described as off putting. This is not true of all plastic tanks but the majority of them in my opinion. I also love that the VaporFi brand offers you a 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 day warranty. This shows their dedication to quality and makes the brand one that I keep coming back to.

What’s Included – VaporFi Rocket?

  • 1 x 1600 mAh Rocket Variable Battery
  • 1 x Rocket Tank featuring a fully adjustable airflow control
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Wall Charging Adapter
  • 5 x Additional Dual Coil Atomizers
  • 1 x Users Manual

Tips for Using the VaporFi Rocket

When you get the VaporFi Rocket, the first thing that you will need to do is charge the battery. Then you need to fill the tank. The battery charging on this eGo is not what I would have chosen if I had designed the Rocket. In fact I am not a big fan of how this one charges. There is no second port for charging this battery on the bottom. This is because of the variable voltage dial. What this means is that you can not vape and charge at the same time. The battery charging port is located underneath where the tank goes. This requires you to completely remove the tank to be able to charge. Many advanced vaporizers and eGos offer a second port at the bottom so that you can plug in your battery to charge and continue vaping with it.

Now I will give the Rocket credit in that, no matter how much you vape, the battery should last all day long. If you find that you are vaping a lot and can not get the battery to last all day long, you will have the option to purchase additional batteries. This is something that is going to cost you though and additional batteries run a little more than $40 (if you are lucky enough to find them on sale).

The second step is to fill your e-liquid tank. This is done by twisting the bottom of the tank away from the glass and stainless steel enclosure. When you do this you are going to see the underside of the tank. This is where you can use a bottle with a dropper tip or a dropper to fill the tank. Since you will be familiar with this process and it is the same one used to replace the coil, you are going to find it easier to replace the coil than some models that are on the market. Once you have reconnected the base, you are able to twist it so that you open up or cover the holes that are there. This is going to increase or decrease the airflow allowing for bigger or smaller hits. The more air flow that there is, the cooler that your hits are going to be and the clouds will be bigger, as well.

The Rocket comes with a stainless steel drip tip, but you should be able to use any 510 drip tip if you do not prefer stainless steel. I sometimes find that when I am having a more stressful day that the stainless steel drip tips can get hot. This can cause you to burn your lips which I find a very uncomfortable experience overall, and frankly, it is one experience that I wish not to repeat.

Final Thoughts – VaporFi Rocket

The one thing that I need to say in this VaporFi Rocket starter kit review, is that I am certain that the Rocket is made really well for the price point. I have seen eGo e-cigs that cost more that were not as durable or high quality as this choice. This alone makes it a great value which is something that I personally look for when I am shopping. The overall performance of this model is better than most of the competition.

The throat hits were nice and big and with the adjustments I could have some pretty decent sized clouds for an eGo. In fact I think that the VaporFi Rocket clouds are great and they fully offer me the vaping experience that I am looking for. That being said, some cloud chasers might find that there are not really eGos that work for what they want. They might be happier investing their money into a good mod and tank combination that is known specifically for huge clouds. I did appreciate that it worked with all of the e-liquids that I tried, both those that were premium and those that were locally made in my vaping store, and that there were no dry hits or burning hits.

There was only one negative with the VaporFi Rocket that I was really not happy with. That was simply that an extra battery was necessary to have continuous vaping because you can not charge and vape at the same time. I work odd hours and that means that sometimes there is not really an “overnight” for me to charge my battery. Thankfully the batteries are not too expensive so you can buy an extra if you are in a situation like mine.

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