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VaporFi Vapor Review- Not Your Ordinary Company

VaporFi has built a strong connection with the vaping community, offering a full range of vaping gear including batteries, tanks, clearomizers, and the subject of today’s review, their signature eJuices.

The company makes its products available through its website and their brick and mortar stores that are popping up around the East Coast from their home in sunny Florida, and the buzz around this vendor seems to be growing just as quickly. 

In today’s VaporFi Vendor review, we’ll put their wares under the microscope to find out what, if anything, makes them stand out from the competition.

VaporFi Vapor E-Liquids

Tobacco/Menthol Flavors

What’s an eJuice vendor without the classics?

Many later find that the world of flavors available to vape enthusiasts leaves their cravings for standard cigarette flavors in the rear-view mirror, but a vendor’s most basic liquids can be indicative of their attention to detail and craftsmanship in more exotic flavors…would you trust a bartender who couldn’t manage a simple Long Island?

American Red

Simple and underrated, this classic tobacco flavor is designed to satisfy draw after draw. It’s all the cowboy and none of the killer.

Cuban Cigar

Celebrate improved US-Cuban relations with a taste of the country’s most famous export. Rich and smooth, this VaporFi blend makes an excellent all day vape for recent vaping converts.

Peppermint Party

You know by now any eJuice vendor worth typing about has all the standard menthol flavors like standard, house super mint and extra super mint ice beam, so how about something a bit different? Peppermint Party is a pretty obvious twist on standard menthol flavors of various coolness, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing to those who walk around with a pocketful of the iconic striped mints.

Dessert Flavors

My Birthday Cake

Have you ever attended the birthday party (office, home, venue or otherwise) of someone you don’t like just for the cake? Well, they owe it to you for not plotting their downfall that year, so don’t feel bad.

However, if there are no birthdays on the calendar for a while, you could try satisfying your sweet tooth in the meantime with this tasty eJuice.

Totally Toffee

Heath is one of the most underrated candy bars on the shelf, with some retailers daring to not even stock it.

VaporFi is doing its part to raise awareness of the toffee treat with this eJuice flavor, which brings deep chocolate flavors together with the essence of almonds and real butter to create a respectable tribute to the confection, and by choosing this flavor, we can help end Heath Bar apathy in our lifetime.

Fruit Flavors

Juicy Red Apple

Crisp, fresh-picked red apples are the inspiration for this delicious eJuice flavor, and the true-to-life taste makes for excellent combinations with other flavors.

Banana Split

Would your physician, nutritionist or mommy call it fruit? Nope. But VaporFi does, and this complex blend of flavors is about as close as you can get to the real thing at home without 15 minutes of work or chasing down a speeding truck.

“Other” Flavors

It sounds a little scary-vague, like “mystery meat,” but it’s just VaporFi’s name for flavors that don’t really fit into any of their other categories. Hey, not everything fits into a little box in life.

Double Espresso

If you enjoy the flavor of a well-made espresso, this flavor is exactly what you’re looking for, featuring bold flavors and rich coffee overtones. Try it with a bit of Crème la Crème to make a latte you can vape all day.

Top Shelf Bourbon

This eJuice flavor is crafted to reflect the nuanced flavors of the finest original American spirits, and is a lot cheaper than a bottle of 25-year reserve. For bourbon lovers, the balance of potent oak, sweetness and spice might prove hard to resist before 5:00. 

Artisan Flavors

VaporFi also offers a line of premium eJuices that feature exclusive flavor combinations prepared by their expert eJuice mixologists.

Northern Lights

An intoxicating meeting of bright fruit flavor and minty coolness creates an addictive combination that’s great at all hours of the day.


With chocolate, cream, and hazelnut as its base, this indulgent VaporFi blend is designed to “overwhelm your senses in every way.”

VaporFi E-Liquid Ingredients

VaporFi takes the satisfaction and safety of its customers extremely seriously, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that every eJuice product that rolls out of the mixing lab is of the highest quality possible.

All VaporFi liquids are produced domestically in an FDA-registered lab using kosher-grade ingredients (a higher rating than food-grade) and formulated for maximum flavor delivery and vapor production.

The nicotine used in their eJuices that contain it are certified to be the purest and most efficacious in the industry and the vegetable glycerin is made from a plant known as the Malaysian Palm to accommodate those with peanut sensitivities.

VaporFi products are also Diacetyl-free, meaning that only natural butter flavorings are used to create the juices that require it.

Standard VaporFi eJuices contain a ratio of 70 percent vegetable glycerin and 30 percent propylene glycol, while Artisan Collection eJuices contain a 40/60 balance of VG to PG, and every bottle of eJuice produced by VaporFi includes a lot number to enable tracing of batches back to their origins and ensure consumer safety.

VaporFi Vapor E-liquid Prices

Where other vendors offer a range of bottle sizes and other pricing models, VaporFi’s standard 30mL bottles are the only full-size products currently available.

This arrangement does mean a simplified price structure, and it doesn’t get much clearer than this:

Standard: $15.99

Artisan Collection: $21.99

VaporFi also caters to curious, indecisive and commitment-phobic vape enthusiasts with its sampler option, which allows you to choose up to 3 different flavors for just $24.99. Each flavor sample comes to you in a 10mL bottle, giving you just enough to decide if that amount is not enough or far, far too much.

Build Your Own Flavor

Another service VaporFi offers is their “Build Your Own Flavor” option, which lets you step into the laboratory and create your own unique blend of up to 3 flavors in the proportions and strengths you choose. $15.99 is the price of admission to this fun little ride, and your creation comes to you in a standard 30mL bottle.

Blend of the Month

Another opportunity VaporFi offers is membership in their exclusive Blend of the Month Club, which gives you a number of perks for the $15.99 monthly subscription fee.

Members of the club not only get access to the latest flavor blends out of VaporFi before anyone else, but also get to decide whether they ever see the light of day in their current form by providing feedback on the samples they try!

VaporFi Blend of the Month Clubs are also automatically entered into monthly contests and raffles for vaping equipment and free eJuice, and they also offer free shipping to all members on other orders.

Throw in members-only discounts and the pride of keeping the Postal Service relevant, and the Blend of the Month Club from VaporFi is well worth the price of membership.

Final Thoughts

After our look at VaporFi as a vendor, it’s hard to come away with much to complain about.

An extensive selection of delicious eJuice flavors, fast delivery and outstanding customer service make for an eJuice manufacturer we can get behind, and VaporFi fills the bill on all counts in our view and if you try their eJuices and love them like we do, you won’t regret a membership in the Blend of the Month Club.

Overall, VaporFi gave us everything we expect from an eJuice retailer in the modern marketplace and more, and that’s why we’re proud to give them our stamp of approval.

Taste is subjective, but with the wide array of delicious flavors there’s bound to be something great for everyone. Keep up the good work, guys.

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