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VaporFi Volt Review

Hybrid tanks are some of the hottest products on the market right now, offering the convenience of a high quality tanks as well as sub ohming potential.

One of the latest hybrids to hit the market is the VaporFi Volt clearomizer, and the folks at VaporFi claim it’s the best the vape world has to offer.

It matches very well with their recently released box mod the VOX 50, but will work with many different box mods (we cover this more below!)

2015 is quickly becoming the year of the sub ohm clearomizer. You heard that correctly.

You can now experience the awesome power of sub ohming without tinkering with coil builds or RDAs. Let’s see if you can sub ohm right out of the box with the VaporFi Volt.

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  • Dimensions: 70mm (L) x 22mm (D)
  • Capacity: 4mL
  • Stainless Steel Construction Available
  • Durable Pyrex Tank
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Option to Use as RBA

 What’s New? VaporFi Volt Clearomizer

volt1We like to separate the beasts from the boasts on the proving ground, and so this VaporFi Volt review will endeavor to find out if there’s a new contender to the hybrid throne or if the Kanger dynasty remains intact with its established Subtank line.

The VaporFi Volt Clearomizer is the manufacturer’s first entry into the hybrid tank field, featuring the tough Pyrex tank and stainless steel body that have become standard in the class.

VaporFi was also kind enough to include extras of all the necessary rebuilding parts such as coils and wicks, so it’s a great choice for intermediate vapers looking to make their first foray into RBA.

Volt OCC Atomizer

Volt occ atomizer coils 5 packVaping with the Volt is truly extreme vaping. Eventually you will need some maintenance when the vapor production and flavor start to fade. When this happens, its time to switch out the coil heads.

You can choose between .5 ohm coils and 1.2 ohm coils. You can buy the replacement coils in 5-packs.

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When to invest in RBA Replacement Coils

rba replacement coilsSingle Coil

Your average time to replace single coils is about 1 to every 2 months.

Dual Coils

When using dual coils, sometimes you can see a need for change as early as 3 weeks, however, some would say they’ve lasted up to 6 weeks.

The 5 pack of replacement coils are a great thing to have laying around, as you’ll always want a backup.

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VaporFi Volt Build Quality

Build quality on the Volt clearomizer is solid, and if you’re used to cheap tanks, you’ll definitely feel the difference here.

The combination of Pyrex tank and the stainless steel makeup is time-tested, and when you’re talking about quality juices, you just can’t have them flowing through a gauntlet of aluminum and plastic. The juice and the tank will suffer.

The adjustable airflow feature adds even more depth to the vaping experience by allowing you to control the warmth and density of your draw.

Interesting Stats on the Volt

If you don’t really know much about RBAs or building in general, this probably isn’t the product for you. Yes, it’s outstanding when performing as a basic tank, turning out dense, flavorful vapor with the benefit of a fairly large 4mL capacity.

There are many other similarly capable pure clearomizers, and if you’re purchasing it as a tank alone, you’re not getting anywhere near the best bang for your buck.

Compatible Mods

The Volt Clearomizer is a sub-ohming tank that should get vaping veterans really excited. This means that it should—make that “must”—only be used with devices that can generate at least 15 watts of power.

Vox 50

VOX 50 VaporFi Mod

In case the name didn’t give it away, the Vox 50 box mod has 50 watts of vaping power, but it’s the long list of other features that make this particular device a great choice to add to your collection.


If the raw numbers, advanced safety features and OLED digital screen don’t impress you, maybe the USB passthrough charging function that lets you vape while you wait will.

>>Check Out Our Full Review on the VaporFi Vox 50 Mod Here<<

Cloupor T8

cloupor t8 review header

Not satisfied with 50 watts? Try the Cloupour T8 on for size. At up to 150 watts of power, you won’t find too many mods that can match its specs, and it also supports dual battery power for extra-long battery life.

It’s an excellent choice to pair with the Volt Clearomizer, and if you want to read more about it why not take a few minutes and treat yourself to our full review?  We think you’re worth it.

Check Out Our Full Review on the Cloupor T8 Mod Here<<


510 threading has become the unofficial standard with clearomizers of this type, and VaporFi elected not to go against the grain here with the Volt Clearomizer. Good call.

Why is the Build of the RBA so talked about?

That being typed, the segment of the vaping community that has become addicted to building has been waiting for the explosion of hybrid tanks for some time. By all accounts, the VaporFi Volt Clearomizer is an auspicious introduction for the company.

RBAs are in demand right now, and the Volt delivers the goods with high quality construction and replacement parts, giving advanced users the tools they need to use the knowledge they’ve found at the bottom of bottle after bottle of ejuice.


Final Thoughts

voltOverall, those who choose the VaporFi Volt clearomizer as part of their vaping setup are usually impressed with what they get.

It’s not exactly ideal for those taking their first steps out of the post-Blu phase of the learning curve with the meticulous maintenance required and dizzying degree of customization potential.

Advanced users who make the Volt Clearomizer their newest toy tend to find plenty of fun in it.

Share Your Thoughts

Let us know some of your experiences with the VaporFi Volt or share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and vape on!

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