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Velocity RDA Review

The Velocity RDA is a unique choice of atomizer that offers you more. In fact this atomizer is not just from one company or brand.

Instead it is a joint collaboration between two competing brands: Cisco and Dino Ferrari.

This unique collaboration paired these two brands together to form the Velocity RDA. The model comes to you from the other brand Insignia Design. This one of many top RDA’s available now!

What’s New – Velocity RDA?

Velocity RDA ReviewIn my Velocity RDA review I want to be able to look at all of the unique features that this RDA has to offer.

This RDA features the best in airflow with a wide range of air flow adjustments.

This means that you can choose the airflow setting and coil option that is going to best fit you.

This offers you a chance to have absolutely no limit to the possibilities.

The quality of the authentic Velocity RDA is something that you do not see with every atomizer. In fact there are quite a few that can actually live up to the quality of this one.

The threading is smooth and you are not going to have issues being able to use it. In the past something that always ends up bothering me about an otherwise great atomizer is that they often have threading issues.

When you are using the Velocity RDA or trying to put it back together because you need to change a coil or something, it is refreshing to see that all of the pieces go back together easily and fit flawlessly!

Another thing that was really nice about this RDA was the ability to pick one of many different coil options. You can have a single coil and there is enough room to use whichever placement you prefer.

You also can have a double coil system easily because there is enough room for that too. No matter what set up you choose, it is easy with this system.

Thanks to an easy two post design building and putting new coils in is easier than it is with most of the competition on the market today.

Thanks to the deeper well on this one, you will find that you are not rushing off to refill it all of the time either.

More Benefits from the Velocity RDA

Velocity RDA DealsThe Velocity RDA is one that will allow you to vape for a considerable amount of time. Depending on how often you vape, this RDA could last you for more than one full day.

For me it lasts about a day so that is nice. I am lazy and personally do not like refilling/dripping ever. So, the longer that something lasts, the happier that I am.

The center pin in this RDA is solid copper. The body is made from 304 stainless steel.

These are the top choices of materials for this type of atomizer so you are going to know that it is going to last a considerable amount of time.

This is one thing that I really appreciated about it, because I knew that it was a nice high quality choice.

Of course I am sure that what you really want to know is what the vaping experience was like with the Velocity RDA. There are a few things that made vaping experience extra enjoyable.

One of these is the airflow design. You can actually adjust the airflow without having to spin the deck with this one.

There are so many ways that you can adjust the airflow that I can not imagine that your preferred airflow is not available. I was able to vape in a number of my personal favorite ways.

Some days I am a cloud chaser. I try to get the biggest clouds possible. During this time, the flavor of the e-liquids is really quite insane.

I get the most intense flavors and it really seems as though I am able to get the full flavor combinations that I want. This is one of the things that I absolutely love about this RDA.

I am always surprised when an atomizer offers bigger and better flavor. Doing this is something that is going to offer you more.

On the days when I do not have a desire to have bigger clouds, there are many things that I enjoy with it. I enjoy that I can use it without the huge clouds and that I can still get superior flavor.

I have to admit that I am not always a cloud chaser but I always like having a delicious flavor of e-liquid.

I am definitely someone who always wants the best possible tasting vaping experience and I have found that with the Velocity RDA.

What’s Included – Velocity RDA?

  • 1 x Velocity RDA
  • 1 x Delrin Threaded Wide Bore Cap
  • 1 x Delrin 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 2 x O-Rings
  • 2 x Grub Screws (spares)

What Can You Expect from a Velocity RDA Clone?

With the Velocity RDA not being available in most places, some people are going to be forced to shop for a clone.

There are many different velocity clone types that are available on the market today. These different options give you what you have been looking for at a cheaper price.

There are some issues for you to think about when looking at a velocity clone. These are not going to cause you any issues with performance, but they are things that might not be the exact same.

The threading is something that might be a bit different. It is something that is still functional and with most clones the threading is still smooth.

You might also see some machine marks on it (usually on the inside) where it might have been fashioned a bit quicker.

You will notice that the deck also has machine marks. This is something that is going to be noticeable when you are looking at it.

However it is not something that is going to make it work as well. It is not going to cause any issues with function. Now the materials can be different.

Usually the it is made with the same stainless steel. However the copper pin is not usually solid copper like it is on the original. In a clone this is something that is copper plated or covered.

What I am trying to offer you is just some basic information on a clone if you are not able to get your hands on an authentic Velocity RDA.

Velocity RDA Specs

  • Made From 304 Stainless Steel
  • Diameter 22 mm (outside)
  • Featured 2 Post Design
  • Uniquely Designed Side Post Screws
  • Center Pin Made of Solid Copper
  • Deep Open Liquid Well 6.5 mm in Diameter (larger than most!)
  • Easy to Adjust and Infinite and Indirect Air Flow Holes
  • 2 mm Indirect Air Holes x 6
  • 2 mm x 8 mm Horizontal Slots for Direct Air Flow x 2
  • Precision Air Slot Alignment with Primary Cap Lock Tab
  • 12 mm Bore Drip Tip Cap Custom Threaded (large size)
  • CNC Engraved Serial Numbers
  • Stainless Steel Finish (brushed)
  • Capable of Bottom Feeding
  • 510 Threaded Drip Tip Adapter
  • Firm Primary Cap Seal with Double O-Rings
  • Special Design with a Split Cap
  • Replaceable PEEK High Temp Insulators
  • No Center Post, Offset Positive Post
  • Dual Screw Posts, Both Positive and Negative
  • 28 mm Height without Drip Tip

Final Thoughts – Velocity RDA

Velocity RDAThere are many things that I should mention quickly about this Velocity RDA review. I want to share with you my favorite things about the design. I like the easy to fill design that makes spills a thing of the past.

Since I am cheap, I hate using an atomizer that has spills as they can waste so much e-liquid which just costs me money. I also appreciate the deeper well. That means that I do not have to fill as often and the unique airflow design that allows for clouds of any size.

I love that I am able to get superior tastes with this e-liquid. Plus you can use one or two coils in a number of different positions with this RDA.

Of course there are a few things that you might not enjoy as much.

One of these is that it needs to be used with a temperature control mod. This is because of the problems with dripping. If you are not using it with one of these, it could potentially be an issue with safety.

In addition this is not the type of atomizer that would be appropriate for a beginner. Instead it would be something that you should only be using if you have been experienced.

When it comes down to it, I would highly recommend it to someone who was looking for an RDA.

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