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Vision Spinner 2 Review

One of the most popular variable voltage devices on the market today is The Vision Spinner 2. Over the past few months, this vaping mod device has been gaining popularity within the vaping community.

It is a great, reliable vv mod for beginners to enjoy and advanced vapers to cherish. It gives you the ability for 510 or eGo connection, and is a 1600 mAH battery that has a great battery life.

Alright, let’s stop boasting and see what the Vision 2 Spinner can do!

Spinner 2 Specs

  • Battery Capacity- 1600 mah
  • Voltage – Variable (3.3-4.8 volts)
  • Cutoff time- approx. 8 sec
  • Physical Dimensions: 4-15/16″ x 5/8″
  • Threading- eGo and 510
  • Short Circuit Detection- automatically shuts battery down when a short circuit is detected

Spinner 2 Instructions

  • Turn on/off the battery by pressing the button five times in two seconds
  • The button flashes three times to show the battery is activated and when it shut down.
  • Adjust voltage by aligning the red line with the bottom scale
  • Voltage can be fine-tuned by setting the dial between the four locking settings

Vision Spinner 2 – Let’s Get Into It!

Vision Spinner II ReviewThe Vision Spinner II has had an upgrade over it’s predecessor when it comes to power.

The new battery has a 1600 mah rating, compared to the original Vision Spinner mah rating being 900 mah or 1100 mah.

It features significant upgrades from its predecessor, including a longer-lasting power core and color-changing battery indicator light added to the power button.

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Rechargeable Battery

The Vision Spinner 2 is a 1600 mah rechargeable battery device. The extended-life battery makes it ideal for heavy chain-vaping.

The Vision 2 Spinner charging at full battery life, should last 14-16 hours of full flavor vaping. It’s highest usage levels yield well over 10 hours of battery life, a significant advantage over most competing models. 

The color-coded charge indicator on the battery takes most of the guesswork out of  how charged your battery is. White light = fully charged Blue light = partially charged This system greatly decreases the chances you’ll accidentally puff your last puff without knowing it.

It’s a very simple and a very welcoming addition which really should be standard for all battery mods. The Vision Spinner 2 battery can be charged with your standard USB device charger.

You can choose to connect the charger to a USB slot on your computer, to the wall, or get the car adapter piece to vape while driving.

usb charger

USB Charger

wall charger

Wall Charger

car charger

Car Charger

Vision 2 Spinner Variable Voltage

variable voltage spinner 2The variable voltage ranges from 3.3v to 4.8v on the Spinner II. You can use the click-lock to set the voltage at 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts.

The four click-lock settings are more noticeable and better secured than the original Vision Spinner.

The variable voltage of the Vision Spinner II allows users to customize their vaping experience by turning up the volts to get more out of their juices.

Vision Spinner Threading

spinner 2 ego The Vision Spinner II has standard 510 threading, making it compatible with a variety of OEM and generic parts and naturally, more attractive to those who love trying new equipment or don’t have reliable access to brand-specific replacement parts.

 To be sure you can use this device with any clearomizer or cartomizer tank you own, be sure to grab a 510 adapter/extender.

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All About Safety

The Vision Spinner II has a number of features designed to promote safety and consistent operation. The auto-lock feature helps further extend the battery by ensuring the device only powers on when it’s time to enjoy, and the anti-short circuit feature automatically turns your device off before you need a new one thanks to a minor malfunction. Owners with children will be rest assured their kids won’t cause any mishaps with the 5-button press on/off sequence, which is very unlikely to be activated by small, curious hands. Controls are intuitive and quickly become second nature to use , and the device’s 8-second cutoff time is relatively long, and allows vapers to choose the length of their draws: short and sweet or long and luxurious. The design of the voltage dial itself is another favorite feature, benefiting from a sturdy feel (nothing worse than flimsy, breakable parts jutting from a device) and the ability to play with degrees of voltage between the standard threshold settings is also much appreciated. The Spinner II also holds up well to long-term use, with no major issues reported with authentic models after months of activity. As vapor enthusiasts, we all appreciate the ability to make our own choices, and so the fact that the Vision Spinner II is available in a psychedelic rainbow of colors is also a little something to appreciate.

Attack of the Clones

real vs clone Complaints about the Vision Spinner 2 are usually limited to criticism of its unauthorized clones, which are sold as official but suffer from build quality issues as well as operational longevity limits. If you have been a sufferer of one of these cloned devices, than you will agree it is worth it to make sure you are buying an official Vision product. In the above picture, the (black spinner) is authentic, while the (red spinner) is a fake found on Fasttech. These knockoff Spinners are extremely common on eBay and Amazon and their internal build quality is obviously impossible to pin down, leading to a risk of short circuit and catastrophic malfunction. fake vision Cloned Vision devices tend to be lighter in weight and have a slightly lower performance level when it comes to the length of use after charging, so if your Vision Spinner II is significantly under performing, you may want to compare it to others to ensure it’s the real deal. As for the real deal, the unit’s somewhat larger size when compared to similar devices may make the Vision somewhat unwieldy for smaller hands. Some also wish the battery life was even longer when used consistently at higher voltages, but this is a natural trade-off and you’re not likely to find a much better combination of power, portability and price.

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Best Deal on Vision Spinner II Kit

MyFreedomSmokes has the best deal on the Spinner 2. It is part of their “Create your own starter kit” package, and I would like to point out that the Spinner 2 that is attributed to this deal is NOT a Vision. It is a reputable clone made by MFS.

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However, it is still the best deal on the product out there. Here’s what you can choose as part of the create your own starter kit: starter kit  

  • MFS Spinner 2 VV 1600 mAH eGo battery (10 different color choices)
  • Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC coils) clearomizer
  • Optional Add-Ons Include:
  • USB Wire Charger
  • A/C Adapter with USB Port
  • Carrying Case (XL) (7 different color choices)

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Best Clearomizers for the Vision Spinner 2

aspire nautilus mini review headerThe smaller brother of the most popular clearomizer out there, the Nautilus Mini comes with an adjustable airflow control, and a new bottom vertical coil design (with no wicks needed). Check out our full Aspire Nautilus Mini review.   Kanger Mini Protank 3  Breakdown Not an Aspire fan? Kanger released it’s response to the Nautilus Mini and it was well worth the wait. An updated coil design and a sleek look will have you happy you chose the Mini Protank 3. Check out our full Mini Protank 3 review.  

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Final Thoughts

The Vision Spinner II is a high quality product by all accounts and is well worth the investment for anyone looking to upgrade their 510 setup or even those stepping into the world of vaping for the very first time. For more mod reviews, be sure to check out our best vape mod chart.

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Share Your Thoughts

If you own or have used a Vision Spinner 2 mod before, please share your experiences in the comments below! Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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    Need the 510 thread part of 1600 battery to connect. Battery good but destroy the threaded end to replace.

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