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Vista Vapors | Mix-Your-Own E Juice | DIY Vape Juice

The E Juice market is full of incredibly delicious flavors and recipes, and there are a lot of DIY vape juice creators that have taken a crack at bringing their own ideas to life.

The problem with DIY juices is not only the amount of equipment and all of the tools you need to make E juice, but you are dealing with cleaning up after messes and the possibility of being stuck with something that doesn’t taste the way you wanted it to…however that problem has a very easy remedy!

The Mix-Your-Own feature at makes it incredibly easy to try out your own E Juice recipes without the hassle of actually making it on your own time!

Mix Your Own Vista VaporsAs you can see, you get to choose your own name for your juice, in this case they chose “Caramel Apple Sucker”.

After choosing the name and bottle size, you are on to the juice! First, you choose your preferred nicotine level.

Following that, you get to choose what flavors you would like to include!

You may choose up to four flavors, and if you would like 2x of one flavor, simply include it twice in your recipe!

Lastly, you pick whether or not you would like a flavor boost, and what PG/VG blend you would like your juice to be.

What are we trying to say?

With four very simple steps you can bring your juice flavor ideas to life, and the best part is that prices start as low as $6.99 a bottle! 

Try Mixing Your Own flavor and sharing it with your friends!

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