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Vista Vapors Review

Choosing your favorite E Juice can sometimes get overwhelming simply because there are so many companies with so many choices.

Here is a favorite of ours for many reasons – Vista Vapors, where you can get E Juice you love and use a Vista Vapors coupon code and save even more. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Vista Vapors Flavor Choices

Vista Vapors E Juice choices are many – they have distinct categories that include:


The candy choices include favorites for the sweet tooth connoisseur such as Bubble Gum, Candy Cane, Taffy, Swedish Fish, Sweet Tart, and more.

You won’t be craving sweets after trying these tasty juices.


Desserts are a favorite among many because it satisfies that sweet craving while giving you a taste of your favorite dessert combination.

These choices includes delectable desserts like Banana Foster, Apple Pie, Caramel Cream, Fudge Brownies, Cookies and Cream, Cheesecake, and well, you get the idea.

If it’s an after dinner course then you can most likely find it here.


The drink picks span from coffees and tea to adult beverages and colas.

Here, you can find refreshing choices like Cream Soda, Bourbon Vanilla, Chai Spice, and even Hot Cocoa.


For those who love a fruity flavor, Vista Vapors has you covered. Whether it’s lime you love or an exotic acai berry, you can surely find the fruit flavor you want.

Menthol and Mint

The menthol and mint section isn’t just plain flavors. Instead, you can find cool flavors like Arctic Chocolate, Creme De Menthe, and Candy Cane.


Just like menthol and mint, these flavors run from traditional to special tobacco blends including: Berrybacco, Clove, Cowboy Tobacco Lite, and the usual flavors of tobacco blends.

Specials and Other

This is the area where you’ll find special deals and those flavors that don’t fit within the other categories like Bacon, Butter Cream, Banana Nut Bread, Honey, Pancakes, and wait for it – Breakfast Grits.

Vista Select

This is a special area for Vista Vapors’ premium line of juices. These juices are already steeped and the flavors are a new blend called the Cloud and Ocean Series.

However, you can also mix your own E Juice and with over 4 million combinations, there is literally something for everyone.

Vista Vapors E Liquid Prices

Vista Vapors has prices that are pretty much mid-range when it comes to E Liquid and of course their premium lines of juices are a little higher.

  • Regular Flavors 17ml 4.99
  • 17ml glass bottle 6.74
  • 32ml 7.49
  • 32 ml glass bottle 9.49
  • 52 ml 10.99
  • 102ml 16.99

Extra flavor boosts are additional and run between 10% and 50% and cost from 24 cents to $1.25.

Premium Flavors are split up into the Cloud Series and the Ocean Series and these are offered in 30ml bottles with nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. They cost $11.99 or you can get a bundle of five for $54.95.

Vista Vapors Candy Flavors

One of the candy flavors that Vista Vapors offers is Butterscotch and it has very high reviews.

The flavor is a clean and subtle mix of toffee, butter, and sugar that doesn’t come across too sweet but rather a gentle flavor that is smooth and yet slightly sweet.

This one is perfect for your sweet tooth without being too overbearing with sugary goodness.

Vista Vapors Dessert Flavors

In this particular section of flavors, let’s focus on Cinnamon Roll.

There are a few reasons for this: one being that it is one of the highest rated dessert flavors on the site and secondly, while I personally love chocolate, not everyone wants that much of a sweet flavor.

With Cinnamon Roll, you get a spicy cinnamon with a sugary blend of sweetness that brings back memories of being in your grandmother’s kitchen.

This flavor is satisfying without being too overpowering with the sugar. You get the hint of spicy cinnamon which balances out the flavor.

Vista Vapors Drinks Flavors

The great thing about the drinks section is that you can choose sweet flavors like coffee or tea or something more powerful tasting like a liquor or cola.

The flavor that particularly caught my eye was the Ginger Soda.

Others like Caramel Coffee and Irish Cream also rank high but since we have focused on the desserts and candy, why not review a flavor that isn’t sweet?

Ginger Soda is spicy, crisp, and gives you a little throat tingle just like drinking a Ginger Soda.

It has a little sweetness in it but your taste buds will love the spicy ginger and the balance of sweet versus spicy.

Vista Vapors Fruit Flavors

Fruit flavors are popular for a reason; you get a blend that is natural tasting yet still has a sweet flavor.

I particularly chose Black Cherry because the taste and smell is reminiscent of pipe smoking and nothing can compare to the scent.

While this has a sweet taste, it also has a bold flavor that is fruity and organic tasting.

Don’t forget that you can add an extra boost of flavor if you like your cherry flavor a little more strong.

Vista Vapors Menthol and Mint Flavors

For those who like a cool, traditional flavor, you might enjoy the line of menthol and mint flavors.

One of the highest rated and most intriguing is the Crème De Menthe, which they consider a great starter for those new to vaping.

This is because the flavor has more than just a menthol hit; you also get a little touch of chocolate that smooths out the flavor.

Not only does this give you an option instead of just menthol or mint but it has a unique flavor combination that sounds perfectly delectable.

Vista Vapors Tobacco Flavors

While vaping gives you the opportunity to try an endless amount of flavor combinations, many prefer a more conventional flavor and Cowboy Tobacco Lite is the one to try.

This tobacco is light but has a lot of flavor and is a favorite among reviewers.

It’s the perfect medium between a “red” and a “light” flavor. This Vista Vapors E Juice is the one to choose for those who don’t like flavored juices.

Vista Vapors Vista Select

Vista Vapors ReviewThe Vista Select line is a special offering from Vista Vapors and all of these have been steeped before they’re shipped out.

This line has the Cloud Series and the Ocean Series with a host of different flavor combinations.

A favorite among those who tried the line is the Cumulus E Liquid.

This particular flavor combination mixes tropical fruit with a berry finish. Think about it like a tropical island vacation flavor package.

These do not have flavor boost options and come in a variety of nicotine strengths from zero to 18mg.

There are many to choose from that include a variety of flavors – from sweets to traditional.

Most of these have glowing reviews but keep in mind that stock is limited for these special vaping liquids.

Final Thoughts

Vista VaporsVista Vapors offers free shipping for all orders over $50 and once you create an account with them, you are already a member of their loyalty program where you can get points that can be used as store credit.

The ordering process is easy as well.

Instead of not knowing or being confused about how much you are spending when adding extras, as soon as you click the extra flavor options or sizes, your price is automatically updated.

No more of trying to look at your cart each time you add something or getting sticker shock when you go to check out; nothing is more annoying than that.

Vista VaporsThe other great thing is that if you don’t want their flavor combinations or want to mix things up a bit on your own, you can add up to four flavors, which is more than some companies allow.

By the way, this is among all of their selections too – not just certain ones.

You might choose a little of the Arctic Chocolate and Caramel Coffee and mix that with Cinnamon Roll and Hot Chocolate.

Okay, so that’s a lot of sweets but you get the idea – the endless possibilities are up to you.

This obviously won’t include the Vista Select Line since these are pre-steeped but you have a wealth of options with the regular line of E Liquids.

You can simply choose from their many blends to find something that you love. Just remember that juice flavors are subjective. So what I think is great, you might not like at all.

However, their juice is highly affordable and with such an array of flavors to pick from, you can search for what you will enjoy!

Looking for Savings?

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I think almost all of will agree that less expensive is always the better option and with cheaper prices, you can try more flavors of E Liquid or at the very least, stock up more often.

Vista Vapors Free E Juice Offer!

Vista Vapor

Vista Vapors is an American based company from Minnesota and is a rising e juice vendor. They give you over 160 different flavors to ponder over, and you can customize each juice bottle with just the right amount of nicotine with optional ‘flavor shots’.

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