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War On Vaping

As we all know, there has been a massive half-truth campaign being promoted to the general American public about the potential dangers of vaping

Vaping is now more popular than ever, and Big Tobacco (along with government agencies) are now ramping up the disinformation war on e-cigs. Let’s see where we’re headed…

Welcome to 1984

1984 slogan

“Ignorance is Strength”, is the one of the Ministry of Truth’s weapons of strength against the masses. It eerily resembles the state of affairs going on in the United States talking circles surrounding e-cigarettes.

Forbes recently released an article back in May on how deceptive tobacco companies have been throughout history attempting to discredit legitimate science to create doubt and controversy, and they’re doing it again. Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article:



–“The tobacco companies are no longer blowing smoke about the hazards of combusted-tobacco cigarettes. But the critics of electronic cigarettes — an important new technology that has the potential to replace smoking worldwide – have begun mass-producing doubt about the product.

E-cigarettes, as most of us now know, are battery-powered devices that heat a nicotine solution to produce an inhalable nicotine vapor that does not contain tobacco, let alone burn it. E-cigs release a vapor that contains none of the carcinogenic tar present in cigarette smoke.

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and, independently, the California Department of Public Health launched public education ad campaigns aimed at derailing the future of e-cigs. The ads are teeming with half-truths, speculative harms, and massive spin.

The CDC’s 20-week installment called “Tips from Former Smokers” includes a print ad featuring a woman named Kristy who announces, “I started using e-cigarettes but kept smoking. Right up until my lung collapsed.”

The Kristy spot unmistakably suggests that e-cigarettes caused her collapsed lung.

This is deeply misleading. Kristy’s lung, it turns out, collapsed after she stopped using e-cigarettes and resumed smoking. There are no reported cases of e-cigarette use resulting in collapsed lungs. If anything, when many smokers with COPD and asthma switch to “vaping” e-cigarettes, their lung function improves.”

This excerpt taken from Forbes. Read the full article here.

So let’s clarify what their saying. The Center for Disease Control & California Department of Public Health independent of each other, are launching massive ad campaigns that are misleading the general public over e-cigarettes. Their disinformation is nothing more than fear-mongering.

This is an issue guys.

Whether you know it, or like it or not.

“If you don’t believe me, just check out our whole article on the latest e-cig bans”

Besides this troubling issue with the media, we unfortunately have lobbyists trying to get e-juice purchases taxed at the same rate at cigarettes.

Cig Tax Truisms


“Cigarettes were taxed to produce more income for the federal government (which initially isn’t bad)”

“The increase on cigarettes taxes were implemented to decrease smoking rates”

Taken from (Cig Taxes Wiki)


“E-juice and E-cigarettes are classified as tobacco products”

Here’s a look at Minessota’s E-cig Tax Bill that was just recently passed.

minessota ecig tax


nicquid best vape juice

“E-juice does NOT contain Tobacco!”

“E-juice is a mix of different liquids”

Check out our PG vs VG article for more information




“Tobacco and Nicotine are not the same thing”

Why than is the e-juice being taxed like tobacco?! This is the problem I have. The juice is already getting more expensive, but it’s still WAY cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.


“Big Tobacco is losing money, and needs to push Washington to regulate the new industry”

Why? Well, if Big Tobacco has it’s way, all it needs is enough time and regulations to bankrupt the majority of the industry while simultaneously reaching the potential requirements of the FDA proposal.


“Most anti-tobacco campaigners agree that e-cigarettes should be regulated. But some believe they deserve a lighter touch than tobacco because they can help smokers quit, and may be less harmful than smoking.” —Reuters Big Tobacco Articles 

State of Affairs

So this is the political landscape that is happening RIGHT NOW surrounding your right to vape.

I know this is more than MOST of you would have liked to know, I get it.

You started vaping because you wanted something that helped you quit cigs.

And now there’s this big ruckess over everything. Why?

The people selling you the death sticks don’t want you to quit smoking. Everyone knows that.

The Questions is, What will you do about it?

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