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Wellec E-LVT Review

The Wellec E-LVT is a mod built to stand up to the torture test of everyday life, featuring water resistance, crush resistance and anti-shock features. It won’t win many beauty contests, but if you’re looking for a device that isn’t afraid to go to work, to the beach or to the slopes with you to provide hours of vaping pleasure, this is it.

One look at the Wellec E-LVT’s Lego brick form factor lets anyone know that it’s old-school tough, but today we find in the E-LVT review if this mod is also an everyday vape or if it’s for emergency use only.


  • Measurements: Approx. 2.5”(w) x 4.25”(l)
  • Ultra-Tough Construction
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-Shock
  • Anti-Pressure
  • Variable Voltage (3.0-6.0v)
  • Variable Wattage (3-15w)
  • Mobile Power Supply
  • Passthrough Feature

E-LVT Instructions

  • Use included L-Key to unscrew back casing of Wellec E-LVT
  • Insert one fully charged 18650 battery in proper position at back of unit
  • Replace back casing with L-Key
  • Carefully attach compatible tank without overtightening
  • Press power button 3 times within 2 seconds to activate device
  • Lock/unlock device by holding both the “+” and “-“ keys for 10 seconds
  • Change wattage/voltage by pressing “+” to select wattage or “-“ for voltage, then adjusting output using the “+” and “-“ buttons once the selection is made.

Wellec E-LVT

Wellec E-LVT Mod

The Wellec E-LVT is the ultimate tool for the adventurous vaper, featuring a reinforced construction designed to stand up to falls, pressure and liquid penetration.

It features a USB charging port for easy access to juice virtually anywhere it exists.

A passthrough feature allows use while the device is charging and can be used as a power supply for other devices such as a smartphone.

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The Wellec E-LVT is sometimes sold as a device only, with no charger included, but can be charged with a standard USB cord. The battery charges to full power in under 3 hours, and the mod can also use its USB connection to power up other devices, giving “charging options” a whole new meaning. Just slide the tab under the USB port flap into position and charge away.

Compatible Batteries

efest 2250 mah

The Wellec E-LVT mod requires 18650 batteries with a flat top. Generic batteries may pose a risk of unsafe function, so we recommend the Efest 2250mah Mod Battery.

The 2250 mah Mod battery features safer LiMN chemistry with a much lower risk of malfunction than other battery types. These can be expected to last up to 16 hours with moderate use, so charging once a day should be perfectly fine.

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 Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage

The voltage output of the Wellec E-LVT is adjustable from 3.0 to 6.0 volts, allowing users to turn up the power and get the most possible flavor out of their juice.

The Wellec E-LVT also allows users to set the wattage of their device anywhere from 3 to 15 watts, enabling advanced vapers to even further fine tune their output and utilize a range of coils and tank types.


The standard 510 threading makes another welcome appearance on the Wellec E-LVT making the device compatible with most common accessories, but those who want to explore the full range of generic and OEM accessories available on the market might want to consider picking up a 510 adapter to accommodate other threading types.

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Safety Features

elvt flashlight

The Wellec E-LVT is equipped with safety features including automatic shutoff after a period of inactivity, and its locking feature can ensure the device won’t fire off in a pocket or the hand of a curious child. Its shock and waterproof features also help ensure reliable operation and limit the risk of malfunction under stress.

The LED flashlight of the Wellec E-LVT is very bright and can significantly light up an entire dark room, adding yet another layer of usefulness to the device.

Bulletproof Mod

The lead feature of the Wellec E-LVT mod is its durability, and if anything it manages to overdeliver on its promises of durability. The device is chiefly made from heavy rubber-coated metal.

We wouldn’t recommend going snorkeling with it in the pocket of your board shorts, moisture, splashes and even light submersion are not an issue for this tough little mod.

Vision Spinner 2 Mod

Vision spinner ii Review

Like the Wellec E-LVT, the vision spinner 2 device is a dependable vape mod device. It is a variable voltage mod that comes with a 2600 mah built in battery.

With it’s slim design and ego/510 threaded options, the vision ii spinner is a great option for a reliable vv device.

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Best Clearomizers for the Wellec E-LVT

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Kanger Evod 2 ReviewNot an Aspire fan? Kanger has the very popular Evod 2 clearomizer. With it’s bottom dual coil design and ego style threading, this clearomizer is one of the popular clearomizers on the market. Check out our full Evod 2 review.

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Negative aspects of the Wellec E-LVT are fairly predictable based on the drawbacks of its strengths. Its extremely robust construction of rubber, metal and military-grade reliabilium also makes the mod fairly heavy.

The “vapor pager” look is another downside for some users, but the focus of this mod’s design puts function far above form, and besides, it can beat up all the pretty looking mods.

Final Thoughts

Vapor enthusiasts who look to the Wellec E-LVT for a mod that fits their active lifestyle tend to find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s 510 & ego threaded and is a great variable voltage/variable wattage device. For more vape mod reviews, check out our chart on our vaping mod guide page.

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Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

2 Responses to Wellec E-LVT Review

  1. Homer Ward says:

    Can you please tell me how to set the powerage for my DOVPO E-LVT. I bought it used and can’t turn the amps up. I think it’s amps. I can set the watts but the other comes up zeros but can’t get it to change

  2. Robert says:

    New to the vaping world and love it looking for a MOD that will show off my army pride. Im a combat vet and looking to show my pride for my branch and time in service. Love the look of the wellec e-lvt mod.

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