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Why Are Disposable Vapes So Popular in 2020?

At the beginning of 2020, disposable e-cigarettes became easily the most popular vaping products on the market. That’s because the U.S. federal government issued a ban on all flavors except tobacco and menthol for e-cigarettes and pod systems with pre-filled cartridges.

Disposable e-cigarettes weren’t mentioned in the ban, though, so vaping product manufacturers – sensing the beginning of a new trend – began to churn out disposable e-cigarettes by the millions.
As soon as the new generation of flavored disposable vapes hit the market, vapers couldn’t get enough of them.

Seemingly overnight – despite the enormous capacity of the Chinese manufacturers – vape shops and convenience stores across America had difficulty keeping disposable products like the Hyde Vape in stock.

So, why are so many people buying disposable vapes these days? For one thing, a disposable vape is a perfect replacement if you’re a JUUL user who can no longer get pods in flavors other than menthol and tobacco.

That alone, though, isn’t why so many people are buying disposable e-cigarettes these days. Let’s learn more.

Disposable Vapes Are Available in More Flavors Than Ever

The popularity of disposable vapes isn’t just because they aren’t subject to the flavor ban; it’s also because manufacturers have jumped on that fact and have started producing disposable products in more flavors than ever.

We’re not just talking about simple flavor profiles like cherry and blue raspberry here; we’re talking about complex flavor profiles like iced coffee, butterscotch custard, vanilla tobacco and more.

Some of the world’s most popular e-liquid makers have even allowed manufacturers of disposable vapes to use their products. The flavor selection for disposable e-cigarettes has become enormous.

Disposable Vapes Are More Satisfying Than Ever

During the early years of vaping, disposable e-cigarettes used freebase nicotine e-liquid with strengths typically in the range of about 18 mg/ml.

That’s significantly less nicotine per puff than a tobacco cigarette, making disposable e-cigarettes a fairly unsatisfying way to switch to vaping. Today, almost all disposable e-cigarettes use nicotine salt e-liquid with nicotine strengths typically ranging from 25-50 mg/ml.

They’re just as satisfying as tobacco cigarettes, which makes them an appropriate solution for smokers who want to make the switch.

Disposable Vapes Are Great for Trying Vaping

Between the availability of such a wide variety of flavors and the fact that they now use super-satisfying nicotine salt e-liquid, today’s disposable vapes have become truly great products – which is something they never were in the past.

They’re also quite affordable, which means that even if you’re a pack-a-day smoker, the idea of trading in your cigarette habit for disposable vapes is completely reasonable from a cost standpoint.

Disposable e-cigarettes are also great for those who haven’t tried vaping yet and want to know what it’s like. In the past, disposable vapes didn’t represent the current state of the art in vaping at all.

They didn’t taste good, and they weren’t satisfying enough given their low nicotine strengths and poor cloud production. Today, though, the situation is entirely different.

A disposable vape is a great representation of what you can expect from the wider world of vaping, so it’s a perfect choice if you want to give vaping a try before you commit to it

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