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WOTOFO Conqueror RTA Atomizer Review | RTA Vape

The WOTOFO Conqueror RTA Atomizer is a postless tank atomizer, with lead openings on the deck itself.

This interesting strategy was seen before which is the first RTA to include this deck style.

You shall spot the vertical grub screws on underneath of the bottom, to carry the leads and two air flow slots front and middle.

The Conqueror’s leak-resistant design goes further with excellent machining and fit.

The reservoir comes aside aside from the drink control section at the very top, and glass container section.

The goblet is inset in a protecting external sleeve with a screen on each aspect that is big enough to see your drink reserve.

Tell me More, Tell me MORE

wotofo_conqueror_rta_rebuildable_tank_atomizer_silver_authentic_1__1_1The WOTOFO Conqueror is a top-fill tank with a proficiently designed airflow system for a perfect balance carefully.

Look insulators for the positive content help when building complicated coils thermoregulation.

Five 2 mm holes are fully adjustable via AFC ring on underneath of the tank.

An adjustable 510 pin gives you to work with mechanicals easily, even hybrids.

The simplicity building upon this deck can’t be overstated. Just connect your leads in to the deck slots and off you decide to go.

Set up for dual coils, this RTA can offer with complicated builds.

To tighten up the leads down, there are grub screws that are vertically prearranged with underneath of the deck.

The Conqueror RTA’s drink control works like the new Svoe Mesto Kayfun Little V3, with a thread-based valve that operates surrounding the deck.

Each order includes one WOTOFO Conqueror RTA, a load up of pre-built Comp cables, Allen key, alternative grub screws, o-rings and a pad of organic and natural cotton to begin with.

As being a masterpiece consuming head customers’need with RTA and demonstrating the love of WOTOFO, the WOTOFO Conqueror RTA was created as a postless RTA for any known degrees of coil contractors.

Taking health care to add their new product, WOTOFO makes a detail-oriented fold-page consumer manual.

The ground breaking design permits ample air flow and easy line connection to the four small openings.

Minus the content normally within other RBA deck, there tend to be room for cotton plus more ejuice to vaporize therefore.

The dual post-less e juice and deck move control transform the WOTOFO Conqueror into a champ RTA.

Along with the Conqueror you get large very vapor and mouthful of taste that lingers even after exhaling.

Main features of WOTOFO Conqueror RTA Atomizer

1. Dual postless build deck

2. PEEK insulator manufactured in Germany

3. Separate chimney control

4. Anti-heating design drip tip

5. Dual adjustable air flow slots

6. 24K gold-plated enclosure for better conductivity

7. Top quality stainless wine glass and metallic engineering

WOTOFO Conqueror RTA Advertising Instructions

WOTOFO Conqueror RTA, the first RTA with a dual postless build deck design rendering it better to use and produce better flavour.

The Independent drink control and dual versatile air flow can make sure the preference is awesome when working with juice of different consentrations.

How exactly to use WOTOFO Conqueror RTA Atomizer

  1. Remove the bottom part.
  2. Prepare the coils unscrew all the screws from area.
  3. Arranged the coil in the bottom, don’t let coil touch any right area of the platform and lock the coil by the screw drivers.
  4. Adapt the coil openings contrary to the drink route and fires uniformly, put together the cottons without top levels.
  5. Position the cotton through the coil gap and slice the extra parts.
  6. Drive the cotton in to the basic and make sure the cotton against to the drink channel slot securely.
  7. Car paint the cotton till damp by drink totally.
  8. Set the most notable part on and flip the juice move control cover till the drink channel fully shut down.
  9. Take away the drink load fill up and cover in the drink
  10. Establish the juice fill up cover on and start the juice movement control cap regarding to your wish; enjoy your vaping now.

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