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Wotofo Sapor RDA Review

Do you like to enjoy a well-earned e-cigarette?

After a hard day work or just after a snack you can sit back and inhale a deep and smooth smoke.

The new Wotofo Sapor RDA is the best and it is very affordable. You can get it in silver Stainless Steel or in black.

The elegancy of this device is not just an eye beauty. It also provides a rich taste and is very handy.

Sapor RDA is the new affordable airflow dripping atomizer. Sapor RDA brings us entirely something new.

It has an airflow control; juice well that is 6 mm deep; dual airflow and it looks very elegant.

The dual top airflow is designed to give you a beautiful and rich taste.

Every airflow slot measures an ample of 12 mm by 2 mm when fully open.

This characteristic allows for a lot of airflow.

Sapor RDA has a four post design a center positive block.

Every post design has 2.5 mm post holes.

These 2.5 mm post holes are made to accommodate every coil configuration and to ensure durability. It also has a peek insulator.

Peek insulator is minimizing post turning. Every Sapor RDA also has a hidden 510 drip tip adapter.

The 510 drip tip adapter can be used or you can remove it and put the Wotofo 11 mm Broadcap.

The 11 mm Broadcap is for people who enjoy more airflow.

Sapor RDA is made in Germany from the stainless steel and it represents the very best top airflow system and is extremely valuable.

The Wotofo Sapor RDA features

  • 22 mm Diameter
  • There are two types: the stainless steel and Black
  • The contact is rhodium plated copper
  • Deep Juice Well of 6 mm
  • 11 mm Broadcap
  • It has dual airflow – 12 mm by 2 mm
  • Peek insulator


  1. Depth – It has a depth of 24 mm
  2. Height – It has a height of 27 mm
  3. Width – It has a width of 24 mm
  4. Weight – It weight’s 34 g

More about electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette has become a lot more popular than the regular one. It is healthier and cheaper. It is basically a battery powered vaporizer.

The main components of an electronic cigarette are a tank, a mouthpiece, an element for heating or atomizer, a microprocessor, a battery and sometimes there is a LED bulb on the end.

When a user pushes a button or more commonly inhales the heating element heats the e-liquid.

When an e-liquid reaches a temperature of 100-250 C it creates an aerosolized vapor.

This aerosol (more commonly referred as vapor) is inhaled by the user.

It has a similar taste to tobacco as it provides a flavor and is inhaled. But unlike tobacco it is not devastating for your health.

And you still can enjoy the beauty of inhaling without the cost of your health and of course the health of others.

This is why the e-smoking is the new trend.

Now let us say more about how this works. An atomizer has a small element that heats and vaporizes e-liquid.

A wicking material is used to draw the e-liquid onto the coil. It has a battery that needs recharging and it is a lithium-ion battery.

These three: the battery, e-liquid and the atomizer are the main components of the vaporizer.

The atomizer is connected to battery through the 510 connector, in this case.

When this is activated resistance wire coil heats up.

When it heats up it vaporizes the e-liquid which is then smoked by the user.

Though this e-liquid taste more or less like a conventional cigarette and gives the feeling of smoking a cigarette but it does hardly any harm to the health of the inhaler. 

This means taste and feeling of the conventional cigarette without harming the health in anyway.

The electrical resistance of the coil, the airflow of the atomizer and the wick all has effect on the vapor that is coming from the atomizer.

They too affect the quantity of the vapor or the amount of smoke the user can produce.


So if you are an experienced smoker this is the real deal for you.

You can choose between the drip tips for the amount of airflow you want.

It looks heavenly and is made from pure Stainless Steel. It has dual airflow that gives such beautiful taste and feels so smooth.

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