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WOW Vapor Titan Review | Vapor4Life

Since 2008, Vapor4Life has launched a series of products, which aim to satiate these consumer demands.

The company has launched the WOW Vapor Titan kit, which includes: two batteries (one automatic, one manual), five cartomizers, the “Vapor King” portable charger, and the “Vapor4Life” wall charger. Some highlights of the product include:

Reliable Battery and Charger

Unlike other retailers, the charging kit provided in the “WOW Vapor Titan” kit comprises of highly durable material, which lengthens its usability.

I have spent perhaps hundreds of dollars in unforeseen, incidental costs related to purchasing charging components for other devices.

I am gratified that I do not see that as a potential issue to rise with purchasing this kit.However, at times, I do wish the charging kit was a tad lighter.

If you want to use the charger, though, all you have to do is fit the battery into the charging node and screw it into the charging it.

It is rather intuitive for any user: novice, habitual, frequent, or incessant.

Apart from its reliability,“WOW Vapor Titan” kit’s battery is easy to transport due to its small size and light weight.

For those of us whose work takes us across five different locations in a single day, this is a very important feature.

This goes for both the automatic and manual batteries.

For more information on the size of each battery, they are 66mm and 93mm respectively. From my experience, the batteries take approximately two hours to charge.

For the automatic, it is nice to not have to press a button every time you smoke; however, I do enjoy having the option to control the vapor.

On a separate note, the indicator light does help conserve my battery.

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Consumer Choice

The “WOW Vapor Titan” kit comes with not one, not two, but twelve different color choices for its consumers, so you can mix and match several of the components.

It’s also a really nice juxtaposition with the sleek black and white “WOW Vapor Titan” kit box.

Several times now, I’ve been able to share some of my cartridges with others, so they can vape from their favorite color. It’s been a surprisingly effective conversation starter.

The range of flavors that accompany this spectrum of color is equally satisfying.

Someone would have to have a rather avant-grade palate to be let down by these flavors. Cinnamon was originally my favorite, but now, I am really into the peppermint option.

Also, I am addicted to coffee, and now I get to indulge in coffee flavors with the “WOW Vapor Titan,” enjoying its cappuccino and mocha flavors. It has become way more difficult than anticipated to choose a favorite. What a wonderful problem to have!


Unfortunately, this echoes with other consumer experiences with the “WOW Vapor Titan” kit, but the cartomizers perform inconsistently.

When you screw the cartomizer on, there’s not too much vapor at times. Not all the time. Enough to catch my (unwanted) attention, though.

Sometimes, I have to put in way too much effort to get the vapor that I want. At least I can carry six cartomizers in a single case.

Other Amenities

The “WOW Vapor Titan” kit also comes with a USB passthrough, which should fit into various electronic devices. when you are knocking out some work on your laptop, need a smoke, but don’t want have your charger…not a problem, simply insert the USB into your laptop and enjoy the multitasking.

The cord itself is rather long for those who are curious. I have heard from others that the USB has damaged some of the batteries; luckily, this has not happened to me yet.

Overall, I am drawn to the superior material quality of Vapor4Life, which I know will save me a ton of money in the medium and long terms; however, the inconsistent vapor production does leave me frustrated.

I would love to hear more from others about their experiences with the “WOW Vapor Titan.”

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