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WOW Vapor Zeus Review | Vapor 4 Life

Vapor4Life is greatly reputed in the vaping community.

Steve Milin runs the family-owned company, which is recognized for providing its clients superior electronic cigarettes, in addition to various cartomizers and e-liquid flavors to suit each taste.

It was this wish to indulge vapers’ increasing requirements that generated the concept of the Vapor Zeus, a vaporizer exclusive to Vapor4Life created to supply the performance of an upscale mode only without the bother and needed tweaking.

The Vapor Zeus comes in a big durable box printed with Vapor4Life’s new “WOW Vapor” logo. With the exception of all the regular marketing advertisement and cautions.

In addition, the box includes a message from Steve Milin himself, a brief autobiography, transitioning from a heavy smoker to an electronic cigarette creator attempting to assist individuals in improving their lives.

It is a respectable touch that distinguishes the company from their competitors and aids V4L in better connecting with its customer base. The packaging selection is overall one of the best.

Vapor4Life is so well-known with vapers because of their huge customization alternatives.

The kit’s contents can differ substantially, conditional on the person’s taste and budget.

The big automatic version of the VaporZeus, which consisted of a big 1.300 mAh battery, three V4L exclusive “smileomizers”—custom cigar-like cartomizer with a size to maintain 6 mL of e-liquid—a USB charging cable, a wall adapter, and two 30 mL bottles of tobacco juice.

The simple kit comes with only with two reusable cartridges and one e-liquid bottle. However, an individual can add as many extras as he or she like at an extra cost.

This vaporizer is design-wise rather easy. It is a two-piece unit with a huge batter and smileomizer, but containing an attractive rubberized veneer that appears respectable and guarantees a great grip.

The smileomizer has a silicone tip that an individual can bite on when he or she has his or her hands full, providing the user a more convincing cigar smoking experience.

The battery’s bottom end contains a mini USB port for charging and transform the vaporizer into a beneficial navigation to make a person forget about battery life while working on a personal computer or laptop.

Battery Life and Total Performance

Starter kits typically come with two batteries, therefore permitting user to continue vaping whenever one of them dies and requires a recharge.

However, after utilizing VaporZeus for a few days, an individual actually needs one battery. The 1.300 mAh XL battery would endure for no less than two days of substantial vaping and daily work on the computer.

Yet, there is more than only remarkable battery life to these Vapor Zeus batteries.

The smallest draw would trigger the switch, compensating a person with a mouthful of vapor. The Vapor Zeus is a responsive device that functions perfectly each time.

Performance wise, it is worth citing that Vapor Zeus batteries are controlled at five volts as well, substantially higher than the 3.7-volt industry standard.

In addition, at 2.5 Ohms, the high-resistance smileomizers are of great quality, permitting a number of refills prior to having to being changed.

All day five-volt vaping, with high-capacity cartomizers that appear to endure forever, all in a trouble-free, user-friendly set up—what more can a casual vaper want?

There is nothing simpler for an individual than sitting in front of the computer each day, plugging in the USB cable, and hooking up his or her Zeus to the personal computer to get pleasure from his or her favorite e-liquid without being afraid of battery.

One thing a person ought to have included through is a cap for the mini USB port, like many pass-through eGo batteries have, as with it uncovered like this. It is only encouraging gunk and lint to settle in.

Vapor Production

Complete white out.

That is possibly the best way to explain the large quantity of vapor the Zeus extinguishes.

It does not even matter if the person is utilizing undiluted PG or VG juice, he or she will be more than happy with the vapor clouds he or she gets from the Vapor Zeus.

The Vapor4Life also have done a great job of controlling their batteries so the individual as a user actually notices any difference in vapor generation from when the battery is completely charged to when it is about to die.

The voltage output is nearly precisely similar.

Thus, a person can get the similar great vapor experience each time he or she takes a toot.

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