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Xedis Tritank Review

Think of the Xedis Tritank and it triggers a specific example unlike all other vapor tanks.

Remember those magical pens that someone particularly cool in your elementary school class may have had that left 3rd-grade scrawls in not only basic blue or black, but an array of fantastic and forbidden colors such as green, orange and purple, all waiting to be unleashed on sheet after sheet of loose-leaf at the slide of a tiny knob?

Anyone who remembers the childhood omnipotence of not having to commit to a specific color pen for schoolwork will instantly feel the appeal of the new Xedis Tritank.

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This bold attempt at a game changing clearomizer holds not one, but three separate eJuice tanks, all of which feature their own independently operated dual coil element.

As lovers of both convenience and diversity in flavor, we at BC have to admit we could get behind a world in which a switch didn’t necessarily involve second after second of unscrewing and rescrewing.

Our review of the Xedis Tritank will find out once and for all if the magic of the multicolor pen can be recaptured in clearomizer form.


  • Dimensions: 81.8mm(H) x 22mm (D)
  • 4.5 mL total capacity (1.5mL/tank)
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3 Dual Coils (1.8 ohm Coil Standard)
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • Patented rotating system designed in the UK


  1. Unscrew base from tank by turning counterclockwise
  2. Remove coil base and invert tank
  3. Fill each liquid chambers with desired eJuice flavors, do not overfill
  4. When chambers are full, reinsert coil head and reinstall tank base
  5. Wait at least 1 minute for liquid to absorb into coils

What’s New- Xedis Tritank

tritank2The Xedis Tritank can hold up to 3 flavors of E Juice in its separate liquid compartments.

It also features a proprietary rotating system that slides the desired flavor into place with a tactile click.

As a main everyday tank, the Tritank in its current form is fundamentally flawed.

Each of the Tritank clearomizer’s 3 tanks is specially designed to provide total isolation, preventing intermixing of flavors, and have dual coil for even heating, wear, and performance.

All that typed, don’t let the imperfect nature of the Xedis Tritank totally steer you away from it.

After all, a tank is expensive to get auto insurance for, Gatling guns are ammo-wasteful and fairly inaccurate, and a lightsaber is impractical if not impossible.

If our current understanding of physics holds true.

Compatible Mods

MVP 2.0

itaste mvp 20w review headerEverybody seems to love this scrappy little vape that makes up for its pedestrian 11w of variable wattage with premium features like an integrated 3-digit display for status reports including current voltage and wattage levels as well as resistance level and a puff counter.

The MVP 2.0 box mod also has passthrough charging technology to allow use while charging and even offers a portable power source for electronic devices with a USB connection at the base of the unit.

We took an extended look at the MVP 2.0 here on BC, click here to see why it comes in as one of our top recommendations for the Xedis Tritank.

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IPV Mini 2

IPV mini 2If you’re looking for a bit more power, the IPV Mini 2 by Pioneer has you covered.

It features variable wattage up to 70 watts as well as variable voltage from 3.6 to 8.5 volts for maximum customization of vapor density and flavor, and the internal YiHi chip provides advanced temperature protection and stability features.

We also put the IPV Mini 2 through its paces here on BC, click here to see our full review of this popular mod.

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The Xedis Tritank features standard 510 threading with an adjustable center pin for more convenient compatibility. Retail packages also include an eGo adaptor.

Triple Threat

The star feature of the Xedis Tritank is obviously its triple chamber design, and it’s pretty impressive how much thought was put into the finished product.

Each of the 1.5mL eJuice chambers comes out of the box with a 1.8 Ohm coil head which can be manipulated, adjusted, removed or replaced with the included coil head tool.

The base of the unit features an indicator marking directly above the airflow vent which can be used to position the vent directly below the chamber currently in use.

When filling the three tanks, be sure to rotate the chamber selection control clockwise when switching tanks unless you want to release flavorful liquid onto your hand.

Oh, and the tanks themselves will never appear full no matter how carefully and thoroughly you go about the task due to their design.

Spare yourself the 15 minute Google expedition and just start vaping when juice appears in the tank.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Tritank clearomizer is adequate, with stainless steel serving as a proven option for the majority of the unit’s construction.

However, we would have definitely appreciated a Pyrex tank, as it’s just something we’re used to with higher-end tanks.

The coil deck is another element of the unit that could be improved, featuring a chrome-finish piece where others opt for stainless steel or other, more hardy materials.

The airflow level of the Xedis Tritank is also somewhat constricted due to the 1mm non-adjustable vent.

The Tritank reliably holds and vapes 3 separate juices with no potentially unsavory mixing issues, and the control wheel does an excellent job at toggling between them with a smooth feel and satisfying click.

Similar Mods

Kanger Aerotank

kanger aerotankThe Kanger Aerotank resembles the Protank series with its great features and performance capabilities.

Bottom dual coil clearomizer to have full stainless steel body that has dual coil heads inside and all new adjustable airflow controls.

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Aspire Nautilus Mini

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This new coil technology is going to rock the vaping industry.

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Gripes & Concerns

Xedis TritankIt’s a minor gripe to be sure, but it can get a bit tedious to constantly carry and curate a collection of clearomizers.

For those that understand our dilemma, you’ll be happy to hear the Tritank Clearomizer comes as advertised on that front.

As for the performance of the Xedis Tritank, the engineers faced a number of logistical challenges when designing a clearomizer with 3 separate and fully self-contained tanks.

As a result, certain compromises had to be made in the final design of the Tritank clearomizer, one of which is the smaller dual coil construct assigned to each tank.

While capable, these tiny coils won’t necessarily deliver the huge clouds some vape enthusiasts are used to, although it’s certainly better than any disposable cigalike the tobacco companies are pushing through the supply chain.

We experienced our best performance at power levels of 10w or lower with the devices we tested, and also found that thinner eJuices with a higher PG content made for better results.

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Xedis Tritank 2Overall, we wouldn’t be doing our duty here at BC if we didn’t tell you the Xedis Tritank is more awesome than practical at this point in time.

Still, you’d probably buy a reasonable facsimile of any of the above.

The pen we discussed at the beginning of this Xedis Tritank review is a fitting metaphor for this product.

The spinning multi-flavored palate grenade ambitious vapers have been dreaming of and we have high hopes for future editions.

Yes, it was a tantalizing premise to hold ultimate control over all colored ink in the palm of your hand, but really thinking about it.

None of the pens in there were really all that great, as you often found out as the rainbow streaks quickly turned to colorful dotted lines and angry, fruitless swirls of resuscitation.

A similar concept appears to apply to the Tritank clearomizer: It’s an incredible idea in theory, the engineers just need more practice.

A similar concept appears to apply to the Tritank clearomizer: it may be worth owning for the sheer cool factor.

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Final Thoughts

Sure, we test and review these things all day, so a lot of the less remarkable products begin to run together after a while, but us vapers are natural fans of innovation.

We were definitely excited to see the Xedis Tritank appear on our doorstep after hearing the word on what it could do.

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