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SMOK Xpro M45 45w Review

The SMOK Xpro M45w is a classy looking mini box mod with a powerful 45 watt punch.

The material is aluminum alloy which gives it the elegant look and it comes in silver, black, golden, and gray. Some places do list other colors such as red, purple, and blue.

In this SMOK Xpro M45 45w review, we’ll look at what is new in this mini box mod from Smoktech.

  • Mod Type: Variable Wattage
  • Wattage Range: 6w – 45w
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Compatible Batteries: Internal 2200 mAh


  • Size (length x width x height): 38×22×85 mm
  • Variable Wattage: 6 – 45W
  • Input: 4.5V – 5.5V
  • Suitable for 0.20 – 4.0 ohm atomizer
  • Spring loaded brass pin, can handle high current
  • Built-in 2200mah 16A battery
  • High temperature protection
  • 510 thread

What’s New in the SMOK Xpro M45 Mod

SMOK Xpro M45 The Xpro M45 is an upgrade from the previous M36 from SMOK. It has a maximum power of 45 watts.

The constant wattage supports 0.2 ohm up to 4 ohm even at the max power. The battery comes built in as a 2200 mAh battery.

It has a convenient compact size but has a powerful output and a lot of extras that make it a nice device that is affordable, but will give you exactly what you need in a mini mod.

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  • It is an upgraded version of M36
  • 0.8 inch OLED display screen show wattage, voltage, resistant and battery level
  • Variable wattage: Can be adjustable from 6.0W to 45W (in 0.1W increment)
  • Standard resistant: 0.2-4ohm (+/-0.1ohm tolerance)
  • Standby current: 13V)
  • Mechanical mode output function: When in Mech mode, you can get a whole wattage output plus the biggest vapor
  • Over-temperature protection function
  • Power automatic reduction function: The power will reduce 5W automatically when the battery can not stand the high power output
  • 12s time limited protection
  • Low-voltage warning (lower than 3.4V)
  • Short circuit and low resistance protection
  • Fast increase and reduce power by long press “+””-” button, the speed in proportion to the press time
  • Press power button 5 times in two seconds can lock or unlock the mod
  • 510 threading connection
  • Brass center pin, adjustable
  • Micro USB charging port

What Comes in the Box

  • (1) SMOK Xpro M45 Mini Box VW MOD battery
  • (1) Micro USB cable
  • (1) 510-eGo adapter
  • (1) User manual
  • (1) Spare power button

How to Use the SMOK Xpro M45 Mini Box VW Mod 

SMOK Xpro M45 To lock or unlock the Xpro, just press the power button five times within two seconds

To adjust the wattage, press the + or – button to change the variable wattage from 6w to 45w in 1w increments

The entry setting mode can be adjusted by powering on the Xpro M45 then pressing the power button two to three times.

You will see the menu on the screen and can change the interface by pressing the power button accordingly.

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Battery Power – Convenience and Speed

The SMOK M45 45w uses a micro USB port to charge.

The port is located on the bottom of the mod and can be plugged in to any USB port as long as the current is not above 600mA.

It takes about four hours to charge the device.  This makes it convenient to charge at your desk or wherever you have a USB port.

The only drawback is that like many similar batteries, the port is located on the bottom which means it cannot be standing while charging.

However, you can vape while charging it so that is a plus. It has a built in 2200mah 16A battery.

It will also charge with the screen off, while in sleep mode, and even with the device powered down.

Threading on the M45

The threading on the Xpro M45 45w is 510 with an adjustable center pin. This device comes with a 510-eGo adapter in the box so you can use the 510 threading or eGo threaded atomizers.

The 510 connection has an airflow channel for atomizers that receive airflow through their 510 connections.

It also has an adjustable positive pin, so all your atomizers fit flush and have excellent conductivity.

Display: Quality and Simplicity

Vape MEMEThe display comes in with a cute smiley face with the welcome phrase and then displays your battery power level, ohms, watts, and volts.

It does let you adjust the watts quite fast up to the maximum of 45 watts and a minimum of around 6 watts.

Of course, you can alternate between mech mode and wattage mode easily.

It does not auto-read once you put the clearomizer on there but you can press the button and see what it displays.

It uses a DNA-style interface that clearly shows output power, output voltage, atomizer resistance, and battery life.

Similar Mods to the M45

There are a few mods that are similar to the SMOK M45 45w mini. Such as the Joyetech Evic Supreme and the Eleaf iStick 30w.

The difference is in the aesthetics and features with the M45 having an entirely different look than the Evic Supreme and the Eleaf iStick only having 30 watts of power.

The 20w Eleaf iStick Express Kit is also similar but only has 20 watts of power.

Now if you’re looking for even more power from Smoktech, they do have the 80w SMOK Xpro M80 Plus VW/VT mod4400 mAh available from some sellers as well.

Best Clearomizers for the Smok Xpro 45w

Since the M45 45 watt mini box mod has the 510 threading as well as the accompanying 510 eGo adapter, you have a lot of choices on clearomizers.

The Aspire Nautilus Mini and Aspire Atlantis work great and the Kangar ProTank is a good choice as well. You can also use your own builds with RDAs.

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Final Thoughts

SMOK Xpro M45 (3)The SMOK M45 45w is a very capable device that works well as a mini box mod. It is very well made and sturdy with a look that is slick and elegant.

You can sub ohm if you choose and having mech modes and wattage modes is convenient for cloud chasers or those who would rather use the wattage mode.

The aesthetics are nice with a wide choice of colors and a look that is designed well.

You won’t find any logos or anything that mucks up the design, although some people like that. Instead, you get a clean look on a device that will hold up well.

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