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Yiloong Geyscano Review | Squonk Mod

As one of the first bottom-feeding wattage control mods to hit the US market, the new Yiloong Geyscano represents almost a full year of development since its roots as a re-imagining of the fairly popular REO box mod.

If you find yourself looking at the model and manufacturer names more than twice, know that the funny names don’t stop there. This type of mod is known to vaping veterans as a “squonker”.

A name which we can only imagine is an onomatopoeic tribute to its characteristic method of operation.

You see, instead of filling up a separate tank to use the Yiloong Geyscano, juice is stored in a huge 13ml tank integrated into the unit.

When it’s time to vape, you squeeze the juice onto the atomizer with a squishing squonk square on the squirter. It’s like dripping, except you carry the bottle around in your mod.

There’s no doubt there’s plenty to separate the Yiloong Geyscano from most other mods we’ve ever reviewed, but different doesn’t always mean better.

That’s why we’ll let today’s Yiloong Geyscano 50w Box Mod Review determine what its inherent weirdness means for you, the user.


  • Aluminum Body
  • OLED Screen
  • Dimensions: 91mm (H) x 61mm (W) x 25mm (D)
  • 50w Max Output
  • Powered by Single 18650 Type Battery
  • Huge Integrated 13mL Juice Capacity
  • Anodized Finish (available in silver, black, blue)
  • Included 510 Center Hole Atomizer
  • Side Firing Button
  • Magnetic Front Door

What’s New- Yiloong Geyscano 50w Mod

The Yiloong Geyscano effectively serves as the West’s first introduction to squonkers on a mass produced scale after their rise to popularity in Australia and Asia.

The biggest advantage this type of mod offers over conventional top-feeding devices is its 13mL tank capacity, over double the capacity offered by most tank on the market.

The Geyscano also brings wattage control to bottom-feeders, making it one of the most uniquely designed devices we’ve tested so far.


The Yiloong Geyscano 50w Box Mod runs on a single 18650 type battery, which is sold separately and must be charged outside the unit.


Trustfire TR-001

Of course, if you’re going to keep your batteries juiced up and ready to go, you’ll need a quality charger.

The Trustfire TR-001 is a solid entry-level option. Its’ two charging slots allow plenty of space for a rotation of batteries, and can charge a full house to max power with an overnight charge.

Variable Wattage

The Yiloong Geyscano allows users to adjust the power level of the Yiloong Geyscano up to its peak output of 50w in increments of 0.1 for precision control over vapor temperature, flavor, and cloud production.


As for performance, the new bottom-feeding form factor isn’t very difficult to get used to. Simply put in a battery, screw on the atomizer, squonk the squeezer and fire it up to start vaping.

Vapor production was above average, with the atomizer system doing a decent job of draining and feeding the liquid.

We found our best vaping experience around 30w, with good vapor flavor and density along with a surprisingly robust battery life.

In the builds category, we were able to fire coils down to 0.3 ohm at most settings, but things got a bit dicey with some of the lower ohm builds near the power limit.

It won’t just fire anything, but most vapers should be fine. It has a resistance range of 0.2 – 1.0 ohm.

While the performance of the Yiloong Geyscano is pretty consistent, there are a few quirks in its operation that could present annoyances of various degrees.

First, the device requires two presses of the firing button to wake it from the sleep mode it enters after about a minute of idle time, which takes some getting used to.

There’s also a delay between the actual button press and firing from sleep mode, which totals either about 2 seconds, or 4 days depending on how impatient you are.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Yiloong Geyscano is solid, but not spectacular. The aluminum body feels substantial enough and the anodized finish is sharp, but right out of the box (with no battery, inner tank or atomizer) it felt a bit light for our taste.

The corners of the unit could have used a bit more smoothing and the screen on our test model was ever so slightly crooked, but it took us a while to notice. The fire button also isn’t as springy as we’re used to.

It’s not all “meh”, though. The magnetic door that covers the battery bay features strong magnets, and the door slides on smoothly with a flush fit.

While the fire button could be called spongy, the wattage control buttons have a satisfying click and none of the buttons rattle.

As for raw aesthetics, it’s a small black box with a hole. So although it won’t turn many heads, the design can’t be called offensive either.


The atomizer of the Yiloong Geyscano 50w Box Mod features fixed 510 threading, and the unit can (and probably should) accommodate different atomizers.

We Would Have Liked to See…

We like the direction that the Yiloong Geyscano took as far as design and wattage control, but there are a few limitations that will make it the wrong choice for some users.

To start, if you’re coming from a device that fires immediately from sleep, you might want to stay there. We guarantee that delay will eventually drive you mad with rage, and we don’t want that evil on us.

Another definite limitation is the preferred compatibility with single coil builds.

Sure, you could devise an exotic custom build to work around the Geyscano’s bias toward dual coils, but you could also just get a different mod to start with.

We also wonder how much better the mod’s performance might have been with a better atomizer, as the included component is the definition of a spare.


Overall, the Yiloong Geyscano is intended as an affordable entry into bottom-feeding mods, with the only prior widely available units being advanced units costing hundreds, and at that job it performs admirably.

It provides an above average level of performance and a convenient new way to store an all day vape at an affordable price point, so there will definitely be some well-deserved interest in the Geyscano.

That said, the model we tested felt a lot like a beta version of something better to come.

From the mediocre performance of the atomizer to the single coil limitation to the less than ideal build quality, the Yiloong Geyscano is quite literally rough around the edges.

While bottom-feeding mods should be an intriguing new option as the trend moves forward, the fact is that this particular rendition isn’t exactly the best product possible.

Will you be disappointed if you read all this, accept its flaws, and take the plunge anyway? Probably not. Nevertheless, the Yiloong Geyscano seems to be a work in progress, suitable mainly for the curious and the early adopter on your block. Squonk squonk.

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