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Yosen SX Zero 50w Review

The Yosen SX Zero 50w mod is a variable wattage portable vape built on the popular Zero SX 350 platform.

Regarded in the vaping community as among the finest products on the market for their small, lightweight design, reliable performance and the crown jewel of premium vapes.

It has an internal processor that makes it just a bit smarter than your average vape.

The vaunted YiHi SX300C chip contained within the Zero SX mod not only gives it advanced stability and system monitoring capabilities, but enables some of its’ other flashiest superpowers as well.

In mid-2015 experiencing a wave of quality devices, we at BC put this Guangzhou Yosen Technology offering to the test with this SX Zero 50w review to determine whether it stands out from the crowd.

Zero SX 50w Specs

  • Material: 304 grade Stainless Steel Frame/Resin Body and Battery Housing
  • Adjustable 510 Copper Connection Point
  • Yihi SX300C Internal Processor
  • Powered by Single 18650 Battery (not included)
  • Automatic Gravity Sensor Power Adjustment: (7-50W in increments of .1W)
  • Flash Memory
  • Voltage Range ( 4-8.5V)
  • .66 OLED display screen
  • Micro-USB Charging

What’s New- Yosen SX Zero

Yosen SX Zero 50w ModThe Zero SX 50w wraps a host of deluxe features in its marbled-finish resin body, not the least of which is its YiHiSX300C internal chip set. The Zero SX Mod also features a one-button design for a streamlined appearance, and device settings are adjusted using the gravity sensor. 

We quickly found an enjoyment for testing the Yosen SX 50w because the accelerometer control scheme makes us feel like we have the most advanced vape in the room.

It’s far from a gimmick, the whole thing is actually pretty well thought out and some staffers even started to prefer it over button-based interfaces.

SX Zero 50w Instructions

Let’s be honest: you usually skip this part. After all, even some BC staffers are guilty of not reading instructions from time to time, so we’re in no place to judge.

That said, you’ll probably want to at least go over the manual with the Zero SX 50w.

The firing button is the only tactile trigger on the entire device, with power and other settings like wattage and device lock all working through a combination of button presses and the gravity sensor.

  • Attach tank or atomizer at connection point
  • Install compatible battery into unit and secure battery bay door
  • Click firing button 5x in rapid succession to power device on
  • Press firing button and inhale to vaporize eJuice
  • Click firing button 3x in rapid succession to lock or unlock power
  • Click firing button 5x when device is powered on to enter wattage adjustment mode
  • Tilt device right or left to adjust wattage while confirming wattage level at display
  • Click firing button once and tilt device right or left while in wattage adjustment mode to exit
  • Turn device off by clicking firing button 7x in rapid succession, then tilting device right or left

SX Zero 50w Battery

The Yosen SX 50w takes a single 18650 battery, and supports both internal and external charging.

It also features a USB charging port to allow easy power source access. As well as pass-through functionality to enable use while charging thanks to the SX300C chip.

Best Clearomizer

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud ChasingThis mainstay on “top clearomizer” lists earned its reputation with big performance and bigger flavor. It features a durable Pyrex containment vessel and stainless steel body, a large capacity for all day vaping and adjustable airflow to let you customize your vaping experience.

The bottom vertical coil design of the Atlantis is one of the most efficient systems on the market, yielding unbeatable flavor and a level of vapor production suited to match the capabilities of the Yosen SX Zero 5w Mod.

We took a longer look at the Aspire Atlantis here on BC that you can peruse at your leisure, and watch out for our upcoming review of its’ summer blockbuster sequel, the hotly anticipated Aspire Atlantis 2.

Build Quality

The build quality of the SX Zero 50w may be one of its strongest selling points, with its attractive marbled resin exterior.

It’s accented by a precision-machined stainless steel frame, including the manufacturer’s trademark “Y” logo etched into the firing button.

Manufacturing quality on the Zero SX Mod is top-notch. There are none of the common production flaws such as scratches and small pits that can mar some other mods right out of the box.

The Yosen SX 50 has a relatively solid feel in the hand, with a weight that may feel a tad light to some users accustomed to more substantial devices, but the mod does possess an adequate level of heft to escape flimsiness despite a weight 100 grams lower than its direct predecessor, the Yosen DNA Zero.

Stainless steel is proven as a durable material, and the toughness of the resin used for the main body of the SX 50 isn’t in question either. All told, the SX 50 is built to look and feel like a prime-time mod.

Accelerometer Adjustment

The SX Zero 50w has variable wattage that can be adjusted from 7 to 50 watts in increments of .1 using the gravity sensor system, known on your smartphone as an accelerometer.

Yes, the same technology that allows your Android or iPhone to track your physical activity and make film-accurate lightsaber sounds when you swing it is also the driving force behind the Yosen SX 50 Mod.


The contact pin of the SX 50w is made with copper, and it features standard 510 threading for nearly universal accessory compatibility.

This connection point is recessed, but can be adjusted to fit peripherals with different threading types.


As for the performance of the Zero SX mod, vapor production and quality was above average with a variety of settings levels and tank types.

Power adjustments are crisp, and although the YiHi chip does come with a slight firing delay when activated directly from idle mode, its ability to fire just about anything in the office more than made up for this minor quirk.

We Would Have Liked To See…

There’s not a whole bunch to complain about when it comes to the total package the Yosen SX Zero 50w offers, but in a day where technology moves so quickly, it would have been nice to see the upgradeable chip hardware present in some other units at this price level to ensure that your new favorite vape won’t be obsolete by July.

It’s far from a deal-breaker however, as we’d wager that most buyers will be happy with their SX 50 until at least the end of November, where the rules of consumerism dictate that all goods be replaced by the end of the year.


Yosen SX Zero 50wAfter our review of the Yosen SX Zero 50w, we found a lot to like about this device. 

It’s one thing to cook up a device with smooth styling, but to match it with this level of polish and performance, throw in one of the best processors available, then shrink it down smaller than some mods then call themselves mini is a rare feat.

It’s not absolutely perfect, and the vibrant chassis of common models won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but from an objective satisfaction standpoint, the SX 50 still stands as one of the surest bets on the market.

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