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ZampleBox Review: Personalized Flavor and Service

When it comes to E Juices, you want to be able to choose your favorite flavors, pick the strength you need, and be able to try a variety of brands. With Zamplebox, you get all of that and more.

ZampleBox is a subscription based delivery of E Juice and it’s one our favorites for quite a few reasons.

Zamplebox originally launched with less options because they were new. In just a short period of time they have worked to ensure that you get an awesome selection of juices at a price that is amazing.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up, the first thing you are asked is your level of vaping experience. This doesn’t change your box as far as we know but it does give them an idea of who you are as a vaper so they can personalize your experience.

Then you’ll choose your flavor profile; there are a ton of choices such as: Bakery, Sweet, Fruit, Dessert, Tobacco, Menthol, Refreshing, Smooth, Explosive, Exotic, Summer Blend, Winter Blend, Relaxing, Candy, Intense, Savory, Bold, Custard, Citrus, and Dark. This part of the profile is in the beta mode but what we do know is that when a certain combination of flavor profiles are chosen, that is what was received in the box so it works pretty well. They also include what they call “family favorites” and those are some of the most popular juices that ZampleBox has. So if I choose desserts as my favorite then my juices are geared towards those particular flavors and that’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want a certain flavor but loves another flavor profile. You can click as many as you want or click the option where you get sent any of the flavor profiles.

Next, you’ll choose your subscription. Right now the choices are the Gold Zamplebox and the Standard Zamplebox.

Gold Zamplebox: This choice comes with 11 bottles of E Juice in sizes from 120-180ml. This particular box choice is $44.99.

Standard Zamplebox: The Standard Zamplebox comes with six E Juice bottles at 60-100ml and costs $24.99 per month.

You then choose your strength and the choices are: 0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg.

Add in your shipping address and billing info and you’re all set. The boxes come once a month and after you’re billed, it usually comes around a week later, sometimes sooner. Shipping is $5 so add that into your budget.

What Comes in the Box?

When you get your Zamplebox in the mail, the first thing you notice is how nice everything is. Honestly, we really look forward to those bright green and white boxes. Inside you’ll find your juices and they are all in a little green gift bag.

You’ll also find money saving coupons and informational cards. These are important because if you find a juice that you simply can’t live without, you can sometimes find coupons for that specific brand, right in your gift box.

Every box is exciting to open and it’s a real fun time to open up the little gift bag and see which flavors you got for the month. Sometimes you get a bottle that you’ve received before but honestly, that doesn’t happen too often so there is quite a bit of variety each month.

A Variety of Flavors

The flavors at Zamplebox are many because they have so many manufacturers of E Juice. However, they specifically state that only 3% of E Juice brands that are submitted are chosen. In fact, you can head over to their site and see all of the brands and then click each one for the flavor profile.

For instance, a favorite of ours is the Clouds of Cream by Cyber Liquids. This flavor is “smooth and creamy from start to finish with a subtle sweetness that will have you wanting more with every puff. It has tones of hazelnut and vanilla and an undertone of butterscotch.”

What is great is that each brand is listed on the site and you can click each one to see the flavors and all about the brand, including where it’s made and how it’s made. This is really handy for when you get your new box and want to see what flavor you got and what its composition is.

Here are just a few of the brands you can find:

  • Alpha Vape
  • Omega Vape
  • Mad Mikes
  • Victory Liquids
  • Cyber Liquids
  • Fog Milk
  • The Standard
  • Blueprint
  • Jackson Vapor Co.
  • Hurricane Vapor
  • Arkansas E-Liquid
  • People’s Vape
  • Seduce Juice
  • Strix Elixirs
  • Banzai Vapors
  • Must Vape
  • Goodlife Vapor
  • Baked Vapes
  • Daily Drip
  • Clever Vape
  • Low Key
  • Los Muertos
  • G2 Vapor
  • Golden Drops
  • Rocket Fuel
  • and at least this many more!

A Welcome Community

One thing that is quite unique with Zamplebox is that they really believe in a community approach. When you join the program you are invited to join their private online group which is an exclusive group on Facebook.

Final Thoughts on Zamplebox

The ability to get your juices delivered right to your doorstep is a definite plus. While you’re not at a store and picking out every single juice you want, this is the ideal way to get and to try new juice flavors and different E Liquid brands.

With Zamplebox, you don’t have to worry about steeping the juices because they’re not only ready to be used but they’re at a huge savings. For instance, if you buy a 30ml bottle of premium juice at $22 retail, with Zamplebox box you would get around 60-100ml for the $24.99 standard subscription. That’s a savings of at least $22 and up to almost double that. Even the small shipping cost is offset by not paying taxes at a store or having to pay for shipping at an online store anyway.

There is also a coupon section on their site along with what you get with your shipment each month. This area of the site has a variety of coupons for different E Juices and savings are quite substantial. If you like to sample your flavors first or have a very specific favorite then this may not be for you but if you love trying new things and want to save money then it’s a definite yes.

The Zamplebox family is also working on changes that help their customers and frequently throw ideas out in their forum. This feedback allows them to give the customers changes that they want and focus on future changes that are beneficial to everyone for a totally satisfactory customer experience.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and look forward to many years of our favorite little green box showing up in the mailbox.

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