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Zorro RDA Review | RDA Atomizer

Ohm Nation has built up some well-deserved credibility in the vaping community thanks to offerings like the innovative turbine powered Turbo RDA as well as its offspring, the upgraded Turbo v2. The team’s latest release is a mini-RDA known only as Zorro.

Mini-RDA have historically been plagued with flavor and airflow issues brought on by limitations in downsized standard design, but the Tobeco-backed think tank at Ohm Nation designed this model specifically to address these issues while still retaining a mini RDA’s slimmed-down profile.

Find out the results of this ambitious undertaking in today’s Zorro RDA review.


  • Designed by Ohm Nation, a domestic division of Tobeco
  • Dimensions: 27mm (H) and 22mm (W)
  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel
  • Diamond Cut Top Cap
  • Detachable Wide Mouth Delrin Drip Tip
  • Silver Plated Contacts and Center Post
  • Square Center Post
  • Adjustable Direct-to-Coil Airflow

What’s New- Zorro RDA

The Zorro RDA is built with performance in mind, sporting a silver plated contact post for maximum conductivity.

This mini-RDA is also designed with a diamond cut top cap for added security as well as bottom direct-to-coil airflow that pulls air directly over the juice into your mouth to deliver more flavor than most other RDAs on the market.

Compatible Mods for Zorro RDA

iStick 50w

The iStick 50w from Eleaf is the latest iteration of the iStick line, featuring variable wattage as well as variable voltage modes. Its powerful 4400mAh battery gives you all the juice you need for a day or two of vaping with your Zorro RDA.

Its spring-loaded connector will ensure that its silver plated contacts are put to good use. We featured a full review of the iStick 50w here on BC, so check it out to learn more.

MVP 3.0 Pro

The MVP 3.0 Pro is another excellent choice as a partner for your Zorro RDA , featuring an even more robust 4500mAh battery as well as the capability to fire 60 watts down to .2 ohms.

Upgrades from the base model MVP 3.0 include a side-mounted USB charging port and a high visibility OLED screen, although it retains the passthrough technology and mobile power source functionality that have made the MVP well deserving of the name for many vapers.

We also shined a spotlight on the MVP 3.0 Pro here on BC, so if you’re in the market for a new mod you might want to give it a click.


The Zorro RDA shows above average performance, with builds down to .3 ohms firing at 60 watts.

This setup yielded huge clouds and great flavor, and we were very impressed with its performance overall. Slight deduction for some minor leaking issues, as the Zorro could have probably used a slightly larger juice well.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Zorro RDA is solid, with the machining on the unit being the primary point of concern.

There were a few minor scratches on the model we tested and the threading was a shade from perfection, but the masked avenger’s legendary visage is perfectly rendered on the side of the unit, and that’s what counts, right?

The deck of the Zorro RDA is easy to build on, with a square center post eliminating those annoying rotation issues and the silver contacts representing the best possible choice for their purpose.

The Delrin drip tip is of good quality, and we also appreciated the inclusion of several spare o-rings and screws. Anyone who has ever had to replace these items on their own device surely understands.


The Zorro RDA is built with standard 510 threading, so it will be compatible with the majority of mods on the market.

Compare With:

Derringer RDA

The Derringer RDA is a fairly similar alternative to the Zorro RDA, featuring vortex airflow in an attempt to boost the famously faint flavor of mini RDA models.

However, it falls short of the Zorro’s performance, with users reporting significant leakage from the air holes as well as constant spitting of juice. Vapor can also be very warm with the Derringer, and although some prefer it, others find its hits too harsh.

Freakshow Mini

The Freakshow Mini also shares some similarities with the Zorro RDA, designed with a very similar build deck.

The two RDAs also share large post holes, allowing users to build with thicker guage wires.

The Zorro does manage to outdo the Freakshow Mini in airflow, as the bottom direct-to-coil airflow is designed specifically to correct this issue.

We Would Have Liked to See:

Dual coils are great, but vaping is all about having options, and lacking a single coil mode counts as a limitation for some vaping enthusiasts.

We mentioned its leakage issues, and although the problem isn’t quite out of control, we’d prefer not to have to deal with it at all.

The Zorro does hold 8-10 drops with no complaint, however.

The bottom airflow, while improving the flavor of the juice, also restricts the maximum depth of the juice well, and though it’s a decent compromise it’s far from ideal for many users.


Overall, after testing the Zorro we’ve come away satisfied with its performance as well as encouraged by the direction of the mini-RDA division.

It takes a bit of practice and some careful building to get the most out of it, but it does deliver some great flavor and handles sub-ohm builds with no problem, and those are two things you may not have been able to say about any mini-RDA on the market just a few months ago.

Nevertheless, the fact is that it could be better. A shallow juice well is going to turn some people off, although that may just be a limitation of the mini form factor as a whole.

Nobody buys a Smart Car for the legroom. Leakage is also an issue worthy of note, and that’s something that could objectively be improved on.

That typed, those who accept the Zorro RDA’s minor drawbacks and embrace the future of mini RDAs may be surprised how satisfied they are with their purchase.

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