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Are you a vape/ecig/e juice vendor? Reach our highly targeted audience at!

We combine affordable advertising opportunities with high quality traffic to drive profitable campaigns!

We offer a few primary forms of advertising, including Banner Advertisements, Sponsored Posts & Giveaway Promotions. They are all effective options to increase targeted visitors to your site, boost your overall brand exposure and, of course, increase your revenue!

If you’re not sure which option is best for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation.

Banner Advertisement Opportunities

We offer multiple types of banner advertisements at affordable rates, perfect for campaigns and budgets of any size.

Combined with our growing traffic and highly engaged audience, BestClearomizer banner ads get more results for less money.

Large Sidebar Banner Ad – 290 x 240

This 290 x 240 banner ad is placed in the in our sidebar. This ad shows on every page of the website. Average CTR is .25%.

This 290×240 banner is one of the best values we offer and an extremely popular option!

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Small Sidebar Banner Ad – 140 x 140

This is by far our most affordable advertising option, great for those interested in testing the waters with our traffic. 8 slots are available, and the banner ads randomly rotate positions on every page refresh. Average CTR is .05%.

These ads show on every page of the website.

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Bottom Article Banner Ad – 728 x 90

This 728 x 90 banner ad is placed at the bottom of the main body of content. Average CTR is .15%.

This ad displays on every page of the website. This banner is an affordable advertising option that can still deliver an impressive volume clicks.

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Giveaway Opportunities

We will publish and promote one (1) giveaway promotion for a duration of 7 days.

Drive traffic to your website and increase your social media followers by exposing your brand to the BestClearomizer audience.

This will generate a short-term spike of website traffic and funnel new users to your social accounts.

Giveaway Campaign Details

Here is an overview of what’s included in each giveaway campaign:

  • Each Giveaway Last 7 Days
  • Drive Website Traffic
  • Increase Brand Exposure
  • Add New Social Media Followers
  • Giveaway Launches In 7-14 Days
  • You Supply & Ship Products

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Sponsored Post Opportunities

We will write and publish a Sponsored Post on BestClearomizer. This is an excellent option to drive long term traffic and SEO value, or as a source of high quality content for your own site.

All posts will be well written with proper formatting and embedded rich media. We will also include standard on page SEO optimization to help increase the value of your link, and drive real organic traffic to the post (and your site!). You can also choose to have us not post the article on BestClearomizer, but instead just write it and hand it over to you to post on your blog.

Sponsored Post – 500-750 Words

The Sponsored Post will be a Vaping/E Cig/ E Juice related guide, informational article, How-To, product review or vendor review.

You can choose the specific topic or main keyword of the Sponsored Post. Please select a topic that will add value to our readers.

The post length will be 500-750 words, and includes 2 (two) DoFollow, non affiliate link. You can specify the link URLs and anchor texts.

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Sponsored Post Case Studies

Here a couple of examples of past Sponsored Posts we have published and what kind of results our past clients have received. We don’t guarantee these type of results, but they are great examples of the potential our Sponsored Posts have.


3 Month Example

What is Sum Ohm Vaping and Is It Dangerous is a Sponsored Post on sub ohm vaping we published. These are the stats from the first 3 months after publishing the article.

The post in now ranking in the top 10 for some prominent keywords, including sub ohm vaping.

The vendor chose to link to their Kanger SUBTANK product page.

This is a very natural, relevant editorial link that search engines love AND drives targeted traffic that could legitimately be interested in buying a sub ohm tank.

Plus, with an Average Time on Page of over 4 minutes you can be assured your Sponsored Post will be well written, useful and engaging.


9 Month Example

How To Improve The Flavor of Your E Juice is another example of a Sponsored Post that was published. These are the stats tracking the first 9 months after it’s inital publishing.

Instead of a product page, the vendor chose to link to a blog post and a product category page.

Instead of linking directly to one product page, the vendor can now use internal linking and site structure to spread the SEO value of the link to multiple pages on their site.

Plus, with over 9 months worth of data, it’s clear our Sponsored Posts continue offer a very good long term ROI.

Updates & Delivery Times

Once the Sponsored Post is published & live, you will be emailed a link.

Sponsored Posts will be published within 7-14 days of receiving payment.

Website Traffic Statistics

Here is a snapshot of BestClearomizer’s traffic during the summer months (June 2017 – July 2017).

BestClearomizer Month to Month Traffic & Advertising Statistics

Over 80% of our traffic is from organic search. These visitors not only exhibit interest in vaping, but they are extremely “Buyer Intent” based.

This means they are actively looking to make a purchase in the immediate future. As a result, the visitors you receive from advertising on BC will have higher conversion rates than your average traffic source.

 Other Important Notes

  • We have created a quality and respectful community, and expect all advertisers to maintain that standard.
  • We reserve the right remove/cancel/refuse any type of advertisements and refund your full purchase price at any time. Once an ad is approved or a Sponsored Post is published, all purchases are nonrefundable.
  • All finished banner artwork is to be supplied by the vendor when completing the payment form. All payments are securely processed off site through PayPal.
  • All Sponsored Posts will have a disclosure per FTC Guidelines.
  • We reserve final rights to change or modify any Sponsored Post or banner creatives.
  • We are now offering more advertising options outside of the vaping industry. Visit us here if you are interested in working with our local Detroit SEO Expert on ranking your website.

Want To Order or Have a Question? Contact Us!

If you have any questions or inquires (including custom or bulk advertisement orders), or if want to order a Banner Ad or Sponsored Post we would love to hear from you!

You can reach us directly at service (at) bestclearomizer (.com), or use our contact form down below and we’ll typically get back with you within 24 hours.

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