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Cloupor T8 Review

This powerhouse box mod is touted as delivering up to 150 watts of vaporizing force in every draw, so if you’re in the market for juice, no doubt you’ve taken a look at the Cloupor T8.

Designed as the big brute of box mods, the T8 includes a backlit LED settings screen, takes two 18650 batteries to keep it roaring along, and houses its horsepower in an attractive metallic shell available in a range of colors. Today, we take a look at our Cloupor T8 Review and see what’s inside.

Cloupor T8 Specs

  • Dimensions: 4” (H) x 2”(W) x 0.9” (D)
  • Weight: 10oz
  • Adjustable Wattage: 7-150(!)w
  • Magnetic Back Cover
  • Adjustable 510 Connector Pin
  • Automatic Heat Regulation System
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Dedicated ON/OFF Control
  • Can Receive USB Firmware Updates Through Connection Portal

Cloupor T8 Instructions

  • Remove magnetic cover to access battery chamber
  •  Adjust voltage/wattage with settings menu, the status displays on screen
  •  Turn screen off to lock device
  •  Install compatible atomizer to 510 connector at top of unit
  •  Device will shut off automatically when excessive heat is detected

 What’s New? Cloupor T8 Review

Cloupor T8


After the lukewarm reception recieved by its predecessor, the Cloupor T6, the vape pros went back to the drawing board, making several improvements to the platform.

Perhaps the most exciting of these is the CPU-controlled heat monitoring system, which works with the ventilation holes located at multiple points around the unit to keep the unit at a safe operating temperature.


Previous models had experienced some isolated issues with overheating, and so it was great to see Cloupor go so far out of their way to come up with a solution to what could be a dangerous issue.

Another significant tweak is the battery enclosure. Where before it was held in place by screws, making it somewhat inconvenient to change the batteries away from home unless you happen to run out of power in a hardware store, the back plate is now held in place by magnets.

This magnetic cover is unidirectional and will repel from the device when the polarity is reversed, but the poles are marked for easier identification.

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Cloupor T8 Box Mod Battery

18650 cloupor battery

Delivering such a high power level requires a serious power plant, and the engine of this particular device is powered by dual 18650-type 65mm batteries.

The Cloupor T8 batteries cannot be charged inside the unit despite that friendly looking USB port on the side (and we’ll get to that later).

With two fully charged batteries it should be a pretty good while between charge sessions, and the “two is better than one” theory is what the Cloupor T8 leans on.

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Cloupor T8 Box Mod Charger

Trustfire ChargerAs mentioned, the dual 18650’s required by the Cloupor T8 cannot be charged in the unit, which means you’ll need a good external charger to keep yours juiced up and ready to go. This is the same with other dual 18650 box mods, like the Sigelei 100 Watt.

We recommend the Trustfire as your Cloupor T8 charger, which is compatible with 18500 and 16340 batteries as well as the 18650 types required by this mod, so it’s a great investment for anyone who owns multiple mods or is otherwise fond of charging various batteries.

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Cloupor T8 Threading

The Cloupor T8 box mod has an adjustable 510 connector pin to accommodate the majority of standard atomizers, tanks and other accessories. It can be used in either the recessed or extended positions, minimizing worries about fit due to a tiny sliver of inconvenient metal.

Adjustable Wattage

The obvious draw of this unit is the adjustable wattage variable from 7 to an amazing 150 watts, so if you think there are any flavor notes you’ve ever missed with your favorite juice, this is what you want to use to crank it up to the max and find out.

Cloupor also mentions that the device is upgradable to a staggering 200 watts of power, so you mad scientists out there are sure to be pleased with the raw power the Cloupor T8 box mod can provide.

Adjustable Voltage

The Cloupor T8 150w also allows users to adjust the voltage from 1.5 to 7.6 volts to even further customize their vaping experience and get busy with experimentation.

Safety First

Cloupor T8

It’s said that with great power comes great responsibility, and Cloupor appears to have done everything it can to make sure this powerful unit was also as safe as possible.

The central safety feature is the computer controlled heat regulation system which constantly monitors temperature, making adjustments where necessary and shutting the whole thing down if it gets too hot.

When you’re dealing with two Li-Ion Batteries at high temperatures in close quarters, things can get problematic in a hurry without adequate safety measures, and this automatic temperature monitoring system is about as perfect a solution as we’ve seen.

The Cloupor T8 is also a relatively handsome device when considering the look of similar products, and the choice of colors gives always welcome options to vapers, a notoriously individualistic bunch.

Another important safety feature is reverse battery protection, which ensures the safety of both batteries and unit if they should be inserted the wrong way, which could present an explosive situation with some devices. Advanced safety features on a device like this are as necessary as seatbelts in a supercharged Mustang, and Cloupor has done the right thing in loading the T8 down with them.

Thinking About Plugging it In?

You see that little USB port on the side of the unit? Yeah, the one that pretty much every other electronic device can draw power through? Well, if you’re thinking about doing the same with the Cloupor T8, we hope you’re ready to buy another.

Unlike devices in our other box mod reviews, the USB slot on the Cloupor T8 150w box mod is for downloading firmware updates online, not gaining a charge, and putting a vast surge of electric power into what amounts to a high-tech phone jack probably isn’t good for the device. Do yourself a favor and get a Cloupor T8 external charger…you’ll be glad you did.

Beware of Imitations

The raw power of the Cloupor T8 box mod raised plenty of eyebrows on its release last fall, and since then a number of clones of the device have popped up around the Internet.

While some do an excellent imitation of this top of the line mod, others are cheaply made and overall inferior. Some users report only being able to adjust the famed wattage level to approximately 90, and while that’s plenty for most vape enthusiasts, it’s always nicer to get everything you pay for, even just for bragging rights.

Best Clearomizers for the Cloupor T8

Kanger Subtank review headerThis revolutionary hybrid clearomizer also allows use as an RBA, and is one of the best products on the market at both. For further details on what makes the Kanger Subtank one of the hottest products on the vaping market, check out our full Kanger Subtank review.


Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud Chasing


The Aspire Atlantis will compliment the popular Cloupor T8 in every way possible. Its 2ml capacity and adjustable airflow make it a solid choice, so check out our full review here.

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Final Thoughts

Cloupor T8Overall, the Cloupor T8 150w appears to be everything experienced vapers have come to expect from the Cloupor brand. Powerful? Check. Durable? Sure. Value? You bet.

While it’s not exactly for beginners with its intimidating power and fairly involved upkeep, advanced vapers will likely find that the new Cloupor T8 suits their purposes.

With the Cloupor T8 review, you’ll find that those who use a mod like the VaporFi Vox 50 or iTaste MVP 20w  as their daily equipment would do well to consider adding the Cloupor T8 Box Mod to their stable.

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Share Your Thoughts

If you own or have used the Cloupor T8 mod before, please share your experiences in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

6 Responses to Cloupor T8 Review

  1. Chester Staley Jr says:

    I have purchased a Clouper T8 mod a few weeks ago and love it. One sturdy box for the type of work I perform. Been trying to get a firmware update for my device, no luck on their web site. Maybe you can help.

    Thanks Chester Staley

  2. Pieatro says:

    I have 3 Cloupor T-8’s nearing 20,000 puff count and have not had a single problem with any of them. All of my Kanger Plus tanks make proper contact with the fully seated centre screw so have no concern about a spring-loaded connection. As for wobbly buttons that click when you shake the mod???, the buttons work cleanly, smoothly, consistently and do what they’re supposed to do without sticking or binding, so,,, if you don’t have Parkinson’s Disease why would you shake when you vape? Are you cold, or just a really ‘cool cat’?

  3. Why is Cloupor trying to pass off this mod as Temperature Control? I just watched this happen. True story. Sitting here editing a video at a vape shop. Guy walks in with this box mod looking to buy Nickel coils for his Arctic tank thinking that this box is Temperature Control. This box has overheat protection to keep itself from melting if the box gets too hot. It does NOT have true Temperature Control as we know it, where the power backs down to keep from exceeding a preset maximum temperature of the metal of the coil by reading resistance change in the Nickel Coil(s). He bought it from an uneducated shop that read the box and thought this was Temp Control. This is why I made a safety warning video. For exactly this sort of ignorance. I object to the misleading claims of this Mod.

    • Scottie Forrester says:

      They never said it was temperature controlled try and read it again and then post again and clear your words if you don’t know the definition

    • Chester Staley Jr says:

      Where I purchased this device I was informed it was not a temperature
      controlled device. I don’t see the reason or purpose of temperature anyway. Your retailer needs to do their homework on their products before they sale.

  4. Joe Patterson says:

    How can I update my cloupor 150w to the 200w which is what you stated in review?

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